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What to do with Noom to Really Lose Weight

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Noom is a trending weight loss app that offers a comprehensive program designed by dieticians and psychologists to help you change your relationship with food for good and lead a healthier and lighter life. You won’t be counting calories here, or eating frozen meals, or staying away from some foods indefinitely. What you will be doing is getting better from within with deeper understanding of underlying psychological issues, nutritional values of food groups, and the fitness. All those changes will take time, but they are totally doable.

Noom is extremely popular these days and after the 2020 it’s very understandable. And people love it – over 70% of participants claim to have lost pounds during the 16-week program and beyond.

Whatever your goals are, these are things that should be taken advantage of while on the program:

  • Be open minded and understand that Noom won’t shop or cook for you, but it will show you a healthier way to do that. Instead of counting calories, you will be able to make better educated decisions about food for your long term health.
  • Take a few minutes every day and read articles Noom will be equipping you with. There will be short quizzes to make sure you understand and are ready to tackle your goals.
  • Fitness trainers will tell you to never weigh yourself, but with Noom do that every day. This will generate weight loss chart and will help you stay on track.
  • You should know how you stay motivated and state that during the initial questionnaire to help Noom get you connected with the right coaches to steer you the right way with support and encouragement.
  • You should start your journey by establishing the reasons why you are here. Sure, 30 pound loss sounds great to everybody, but do you also want to have more energy, feel stronger, or keep up with your kids? There is always a reason. This will be your “Big Picture” and small goals will help you get there.
  • Use your smart device together with the app. And get your steps in – it’s super important in addition to some type of formal fitness routine. Your phone can also track your movement throughout the day.
  • Log your meals faithfully, don’t skip recording dinners and try to stay on calorie intake track. The goal for calories depends on your health and activity level. Eat as much green foods as you can, enjoy some yellow color blocks, and try to limit what’s in the red. You can plan your meals, prep, and use Noom’s recipes.
  • Stay positive even if you’ll slip and have cheat-days. Noom is all about happy life, so don’t be very hard on yourself. Use those slip ups to learn from and understand that they are part of the journey.

Now let’s talk about the foods while you’re on Noom and what the three colors mean. Green color is the best and includes veggies, fruit, whole grains, low fat dairy and complex carbs. Yellow is a bit less desirable, but still OK – eggs, lean meat, and some starches. Red is a danger zone of processed food, fast food, sweets, oils, and nuts.

Keeping track of what you eat is the key. This way you will soon learn what mistakes you make and what can be easily adjusted and reduced. Calorie recommendation depends on your burn rate. If you work out and make over 10,000 steps per day, you can consume 1,500-1,600 calories per day, but those lazy days require just 1,200-1,400.

Each day can include various foods and help you stay on track: smoothies are great for breakfast, chicken with veggies is always nice for lunch, nuts are perfect for snack and fish or lean red meat can complete your day for dinner. Don’t forget water through the day and you’ll be on your way to your goal weight.

It really helps to stick to the same foods and limit your red category. It’s not really magical – slow and steady and a bit boring wins the race. Sunday food prep is one way to stay consistent and not spend too much time cooking. Noom will never deprive you and will never make you starve, but will gently guide you to refuel in a healthy way.

I guess you can call Noom a dietician, a coach, food log, pedometer, and emotional support all in one. Noom’s coach is always there to assist and set goals for you, you can adjust your calorie goals if you are feeling hungry all the time, and you can choose from about 4 million of foods from the database. Besides logging a few things on the app, you can go about your life and reap the benefits of eating better and taking better care of your body.

Noom aims to teach you what social triggers you should avoid, how to understand restaurant menus, and how to control your portions. It teaches that your stomach doesn’t understand what you’re eating, but instead it reacts to how much. So don’t eat a cup of raisins, but choose a cup of grapes.

At the end of the day, Noom is not a fad diet and not a short-lived trend. It’s a program that you can stick to and that works. Sure, you will pay about $59 per month or less if you sign up for three months, but it’ll give you tools that you will use for life.