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Think Outside Your Night Box

What better time to spend some time outdoors at night than fall? Stargazing while camping as the leaves fall all around me is as close to my personal paradise as it gets. Spring and summer camping is great too, but nothing compares to that magical silence of fall in the mountains and stillness in the air you can almost touch.

Think Outside Your Night Box

The people behind Think Outside subscription box must have the same opinion and chose stargazing night theme for October box. As they say: “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are dirt”. This can’t be more truth for our family with two boys in California! This is one of the reasons why I got this box for my husband and kids in the first place. Think Outside serves up some ideas for outdoor fun and then BattlBox brings tools to make it reality.

Think Outside Gear Deals

While the subscription is not very cheap, I don’t mind paying $33.95 per month for all the inspiration to go outside we get from it. This price applies for yearly subscriptions, monthly plan costs $39.95. Each box includes 3-5 full size items, resource cards, educational booklet, and various activities for the entire family.

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Think Outside Star Constellations

Every box is themed and covers such subjects as survival in nature, seasons, nutrition, water, fire, wildlife, first aid, water, and much more.

Think Outside Star Wheel

This month is all about night and stars, which is always very interesting for kids.

Think Outside Your Night Box Offers

Let’s take a look at the contents of this box:

Multiple setting headlamp

Think Outside Headlamp

Hands-free light is the best thing to have at night outdoors and often times around the house too. This headlamp is rechargeable, so no batteries are needed. It has LED light and 5 different settings, including red light for better night vision. My husband has had a similar lamp for a while and uses it everywhere, so it’s about time for our boys to have one too.

Emergency flashlight

Think Outside Emergency flashlight

There are battery powered flashlights and then there is one – solar powered or hand cranked, so you never have to worry about batteries. 1 minute of hand cranking will give you 8 minutes of light, which can be lifesaving in the woods.

Outdoor blanket

This blanket is so compact that takes virtually no space and can fit in any small space. Despite its thinness it’s actually very warm and can be taken along for camping, star gazing, or picnicking. I think we’ll just keep it in the trunk of our car.

Glow carabiner

It’s tough and reliable, not to mention that it glows at night, which is the most fun for kids. It’s very light, but still rugged. It doesn’t slip and recharges in the daylight to glow when it gets dark.

Resource cards

Think Outside Your Night Box Resource Cards

The cards are waterproof and offer descriptions of various star constellations. They are great to take along when camping or simply for stargazing in the wilderness by our house. There is more star constellation information in the booklet.

The booklet is full of fun facts and surprising revelations, such as finding North and South based on the moon, why the moon shines, and how to make your own star wheel at home.

I guess we’ll be going outside at night a lot thanks to Think Outside!