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Splendid Spoon Smoothie: Is It Worth Buying?

Splendid Spoon Smoothie: Is It Worth Buying

For two months in a row I’ve been starting my day with a smoothie or green juice, and I’ve noticed some positive results. My skin has improved, my digestive system works as a clock, and I’ve lost 2 pounds. I am determined to continue having smoothies in the morning for breakfast, but sometimes I have no time to make it or I lack the ingredients. My friend recommended purchasing Splendid Spoon plant-based meals to save time in the morning. I checked Splendid Spoon menu, read Splendid Spoon reviews, compared them with Freshly reviews and decided to give it a try. I didn’t want to purchase the whole meal plan. What I needed was just smoothies for breakfast and Splendid Spoon offers a great variety of smoothies, so it seemed like a better option for me.

Splendid Spoon Smoothies 2022

So, I ordered 3 Splendid Spoon smoothies to get acquainted with the brand. My order arrived fast and included three smoothies: Coconut Lime Smoothie, Blue Majik Smoothie and Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie. There was a flier with a nice deal inside my Splendid Spoon box. They offer $80 off my first 4 orders, and it’s a good deal to start with. Plus, they included information about Splendid Spoon meals and recipes for me to research. But first I need to try the product and decide whether I like it or not!

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How many calories are in Splendid Spoon smoothies? That’s something I checked upfront. It turned out that every smoothie has a different number of calories depending on the ingredients, but it ranges from 160 calories to 230. So, let’s look into the ingredients of each smoothie I’ve bought.

Splendid Spoon Coconut Lime Smoothie

Splendid Spoon Coconut Lime Smoothie contains avocado, coconut cream, lime, cashew butter, coconut nectar, spirulina and Swiss chard. All the ingredients are organic, vegan and gluten free. The smoothie does contain 9 g of added sugars, even thought the number of calories is quite small – only 160 calories. I will remind you that the recommended intake of calories is about 2000 a day. Coconut Lime tastes really good and contains my favorite avocado, so I’m definitely going to order it in the future.

Splendid Spoon Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie

The second Splendid Spoon smoothie I tried is Strawberry Chocolate and to be honest I didn’t like the taste of it at all. It contains all organic ingredients: strawberry puree, banana, coconut cream, dates, pea protein, cacao powder, beet juice, vanilla extract and Himalayan salt. The ingredients separately seem to be ok, but when joined together it tastes weird for me. Splendid Spoon Strawberry Chocolate has 180 calories and 0 added sugar which is good.

Blue Majik Smoothie

My favorite smoothies of all three is Blue Majik Smoothie with 230 calories. It contains banana, dates, vanilla, cinnamon, blue spirulina, coconut cream and rice protein. It tastes yummy and has no added sugar and no trans fats.

Of course, freshly made smoothie tastes better, but when you have no time to make it there must be a reliable substitute that will contain all natural ingredients that will benefit you. Splendid Spoon meals are perfect for those who eliminate meat, dairy and gluten in their menu. I am not a vegetarian, so I’m going to buy only their smoothies. They are very good.

Next time I’m going to order more bottles of smoothie. But can Splendid Spoon smoothies be frozen? Since smoothies are perishable products it’s better to freeze them if you don’t consume them within a week. They must be refrigerated all the time if you don’t freeze them. In case you need to heat your smoothie up after freezing you just put it into the microwave oven for several minutes and your healthy delicious meal is ready to use.

Summing up, I can say that I would recommend Splendid Spoon smoothies to those who love eating healthy foods. You can be sure that the products you get are 100% organic, free of artificial preservatives and flavors, and contain all the important nutrients. The company offers a varied menu created by reputable nutritionists, so it offers high-quality food products you can trust.