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Smartass and Sass July Review

Smartass&Sass July Box

Smartass and Sass box found me home and in a need of some laughs, because, you know, when the world is going crazy, what else can you do, but sit at home and laugh? Corona is still raging outside and California is still trying to contain us all at home. This can be pretty depressing.

Smartass and Sass July Promo

This type of situation requires high spirits to be kept up. I am not saying that Smartass and Sass is the only way to do that, but anything helps. This box brings funny and sometimes a bit foul mouthy items every month to those of us in need. Sarcastic candles, t-shirts, mugs, socks, key chains, and much more are perfect for all of us Sassholes, whose favorite word is a four letter expression.

I like sarcasm like the next gal, but the four letter word is not my favorite, so some items can put me a bit off, but, hey, it’s corona season and we have to survive it somehow, so anything goes, even tacky merchandise.

Smartass and Sass July Offers

The box is monthly and can be t-shirt only, big box, or small box. I pay per month, but 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions can save some money. If this is something you are sure to like for a year, 12-month subscription is definitely a way to go!

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Let’s take a look at what I received this time:

Purple can holder – $5

Smartass and Sass Purple can holder

This shiny and sparkly drink holder says “Contents may not be safe for work”. And yeah, I immediately imagine my husband sitting on white Destin sand and drinking beer with a pretty holder like this. There is a problem though – he is not into sparkly feminine things and I don’t drink beer that much. I’ll have to see if I can make this work for my champagne somehow.

Pineapple body butter – $15

Smartass&Sass Pineapple body butter

It is called Fineapple and the pun is intended. While it smells good and feels good, I would prefer something more natural with a few organic ingredients. This might just be me, so I assume that most young ladies will enjoy this pineapple scented goodness.

OMG key chain – $9

Smartass and Sass OMG key chain

Now this one is really fun. It has that classic feel of neon sign era and makes me all sentimental.

Smartass&Sass OMG key chain

Since most restaurants are closed for dine-in, many of us miss those afternoons spent eating out and seeing the ‘OPEN’ sign lit up and working. This key chain is my favorite item of all.

Hydrated AF plastic mason jar – $18

Smartass and Sass Hydrated AF plastic mason jar

The focus here is definitely not on the product, but on AF. My young son wants to find out what those words mean now… The jar is rather small and has a cheap feel to it, but it won’t break and I can have it while lounging at the pool, so it’s all good.

OMG tote bag

/Smartass and Sass OMG tote bag

The bag is large and can fit half of my life, but it is not really my style. It will work for beach outings when those are possible again, but that’s probably about it. I suspect that it might fall apart pretty soon, but before it does I will find some use for it. The key chain looks good on it though!

Can you kindly STFU t-shirt

Smartass-and-Sass Can you kindly STFU t-shirt

The blue shirt is fun alright. I have my son asking what that means again. I guess Smartass & Sass is not very kid-friendly. The shirt is pretty basic, cotton, but nothing fancy. I can see myself wearing it around the house.

WTF nifty notes funny checkbox sheet and a page with product descriptions

Smartass and Sass WTF Checkbox

I didn’t quite understand the fun of the WTF sheet, but maybe it’s just me. It is probably some fun game for those who have too much time on their hands.