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Smartass and Sass July Box

Smartass and Sass July Box 2020

Smatrass and Sass box brought some joy my way, and it is much appreciated. This summer is not what we normally enjoy as travelling is cancelled, so I love getting subscription boxes even more than usually. And I usually love that so much that my friends call me a box lady, you know, like cat lady.

Smartass and Sass doesn’t always deliver very useful items, but everything they bring is fun. Some things are cute, some are totally useless, but don’t we all need some little nothings from time to time?

Smartass and Sass Summer Promotion

I enjoy fun t-shirts, kitchenware, key chains, totes, coasters, and various other items Smartass and Sass sends my way. My boys are also looking forward to my boxes, but that can be dangerous as I now have my 5 year old asking what AF means.

Smartass and Sass Summer Deals

Smartass and Sass always supports small business and looks for people that can benefit from that. After all, in times like this COVID year, we need to help each other and to have as much fun as we possibly can. Each monthly box costs just $34.99 and includes 5-7 full size items. You can also go for just a t-shirt for $15.95 or get a box with everything for $49.95. I am trying the big box, because I get a variety of items and a funny t-shirt. I would also take a funny yoga shirt anytime, but that’s not what Smartass and Sass is all about.

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This is what entertainment came in this box:

Twiss 6-pencil pack from Tiramisu Paperie – $8

Smartass & Sass Twiss 6-pencil pack

Even though the pencils look tasty enough for eating, they are no tiramisu. They are, however, something all your The Office loving colleagues will drool over. Each #2 pencil has gold foil detail and says in gold letters: That’s What She Said. Try to beat that expression!

You Know What You Touched soap dispenser from Buffalovely – $18

Smartass & Sass Soap dispenser

The bottle is very light when empty and doesn’t look like it might be worth $18, but it sure is funny. I am also not sure about the longevity of it, but I’ll use it in my guest bathroom while it works.

Bite me eat me stickers – $3

Bite me eat me stickers

The stickers are outdoor-safe, but I am not sure where would I use them and what for. The tacos are cute and might work in the kitchen where lots of tacos are eaten, but we leave that for restaurants. I might give them to my kids to play with.

Bottoms Up flask – $12

Bottoms Up flask

This item might be nice, especially with its vegan leather cover and stainless steel, but I don’t drink. Carrying this with me would make me feel completely uncomfortable even if I did some social drinking, so I think I’ll re-gift it to someone who can really use it. It looks nice though.

Blow Me hankie – $8

Blow Me hankie

I might just get back to using a washable handkerchief from now on. Or not. This would be very environmentally responsible, so I like it because of that, and because it’s made of 100% cotton. It has sentimental value too.

Sometimes Size Matters (Pizza) tea towel – $12

This light tea towel is perfect for taking along, is made of 100% soft cotton, and definitely has pun intended idea about size, be it pizza or something else. I would take it with me when I wanted to be funny around good friends, but might be more careful around less-known people.

I’m glad I have a friend like you with a dirty mouth and filthy mind card – $5

Smartass & Sass Mind Card

I wish I had this for my best friend’s birthday just a few days ago! On the other hand I have many more birthdays of friends coming up this year, so I’ll put it to good use.

Worth Waiting For Perfume Roller – $18

Smartass & Sass Perfume Roller

This little roller smells heavenly and is all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and all kinds of other good things. I like the smell and the small size, which can be taken with me in my backpack everywhere I go.

As Long as Everything is Exactly How I Want I’m Totally Flexible t-shirt – $15.95

Smartass & Sass T-Shirt

This type of attitude is very much me, so I will be wearing this t-shirt around the house to show my husband how things are.

Next month’s theme is going to be circus and we all know how many fun things can happen there. Total value of this box is $99.95. I like that this box doesn’t inflate prices like some other subscription boxes do, so while I’ll never think I am getting $300 worth of stuff for just $50, I’ll know they don’t lie to me.