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Should You Buy Organic Food at Walmart or Whole Foods?

Organic Food Discount Deals


With farm-to-table movement taking over the way we eat, organic food demand is on the rise. It still, unfortunately, doesn’t mean that natural foods are available everywhere or that they are affordable for everybody. The affordability aspect is getting better with time, but to this day not all stores carry a good selection or sell it reasonably.



One of the largest discount grocery retailers, Walmart, has been focusing on organic foods for the last four years. It’s always been known as a discount store, but this push for organic offerings is aimed for more affluent customers in hopes of attracting more upmarket shoppers to the store in general.


Walmart Organic Food and Snacks


The ultimate goal is to become like Whole Foods, just cheaper.


Organic Oranges at Walmart


The last thing Walmart expected is for Whole Foods to become a more expensive Walmart. With recent Amazon’s buy for $13 billion the prices of Whole Foods were expected to drop. They didn’t though. What did go down are prices for Amazon Prime members.


Whole Foods Local Deals


Let’s take a look at what prices Walmart and Whole Foods charge, how they compare and differ, and why. After all, even Walmart can’t make any profit if it won’t keep prices on natural goods elevated. We took 12 most popular items and compared them side by side to see the real difference.


Organic Berries at Walmart


Peanut butter

  • Walmart – Adams Organic Creamery Butter $4.28/16 oz
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Organic Unsweetened $3.99/16 oz

This comparison illustrates one of the biggest problems for Walmart – they don’t carry cheaper store brand organic products and thus are often more expensive. Whole Foods have their 365 brand and wins the competition.


Whole Foods Organic Products


Sharp Cheddar Cheese

  • Walmart – Great Value Organic Sharp Cheddar $2.37/6 oz
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Organic Sharp Cheddar $3.99/8 oz

Whole Foods usually rules in this category – snacks that are good for you and the ones you crave more often than not. Walmart wins with this particular snack, so when those healthy cravings hit, head there to get your fix on a budget.


Fresh Organic Vegetables


Baby carrots


Organic Baby Carrots

  • Walmart - $3.56/2 lbs
  • Whole Foods - $2.99/ 2 lbs

Head to Whole Foods when your cravings become even healthier than organic cheese - baby carrots are snack-size bagged and cheaper than in Walmart.




Organic Eggs at Walmart


  • Walmart – Marketside Organic Large Brown Eggs $3.97/12
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Organic Large Brown Eggs $3.99/12

This case illustrates one very important conclusion – Walmart and Whole Foods prices are similar a lot more often than different. Two cents are too small of a difference to even mention.


Organic Fruits and Vegetables at Walmart


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Ice Cream


Ice Cream at Walmart


  • Walmart – Humboldt Creamery Organic Mint Chip $2.98/16 oz
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Organic Mint Chip $4.99/32 oz


Icecream on Sale


Humboldt brand is the best value ice cream in Walmart, but it still didn’t beat 365 Everyday Value prices at Whole Foods. Lately Walmart reduced price to $2.48 just to match Whole Foods.



  • Walmart – Seattle’s Best 6th Avenue Bistro Dark Roast $4.88/12 oz
  • Whole Foods – Bon Nuit French Roast $10.99/24 oz

Walmart charges 41 cents per ounce and triumphs over Whole Foods’ 46. While the price is good, this coffee is the only organic kind at Walmart while Whole Foods has an entire line of in-house organic coffees. Some ground versions cost even less then the only Walmart variety. The decision comes to what matters to you most – price, quality, or variety.


Organic Products at Whole Foods



  • Walmart – Great Value Organic 2% Reduced Fat $3.88/64 oz
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Organic 2% Reduced Fat $3.49/64 oz

Whole Foods wins this one and given that this product is still a staple in many households, even the small savings tend to add up over time.


Organic Berries


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Walmart – Great Value Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil $11.98/51 oz
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Extra Virgin Olive Oil $6.99/33.8 oz

These two products are the cheapest each store carries, with Whole Foods winning again, even if only by 2 cents. This means that even the bulky Walmart size won’t give you any meaningful savings when compared with small high quality containers from Whole Foods.


Baby Spinach


Organic Spinach at Walmart


  • Walmart – Marketside Organic Baby Spinach $4.96/16 oz
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Organic Baby Spinach $4.99/16 oz

The difference is small, but it’s there in Walmart’s favor by a couple of cents. This means that making salad cost about the same wherever you buy from, but if you need just a small portion, visit Whole Foods and buy their 5-ounce sized package for just $1.99. Walmart has the same thing for $3.46.


Organic Parsley


Seeded bread

  • Walmart – Great Value Organic Select Seeds Bread $3.98/20 oz
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Organic Multigrain Seed Bread $3.79/20 oz


Organic Hot Dogs


Walmart’s seeded bread is the only such offer. Whole Foods has quite a selection of organic breads with seeds and they all are cheaper than the lone Walmart’s offer.


Organic Seeds and Nuts




Organic Spaghetti


  • Walmart – Great Value Organic Spaghetti $1.22/17.6 oz
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Organic Spaghetti $1.49/16 oz

This item is pretty cheap everywhere and in this case Walmart beats Whole Foods quite significantly.


Organic Food Offers


Pasta Sauce

  • Walmart – Great Value Organic Marinara Pasta Sauce $1.98/23.5 oz
  • Whole Foods – 365 Everyday Value Organic Marinara Pasta Sauce $1.99/25 oz


Organic Pasta Sause


Whole Foods is a bit less expensive, and even if it’s by a small margin, it’s still significant when you have a niche healthy food store going against the largest discount grocery seller.


Organic Vegetables on Sale


In conclusion, after this little comparison it’s hard to say if Whole Foods is really as overpriced as legends tend to suggest or if Walmart is not as cheap as it portraits itself. The value of organic shopping is really about your own perception and preferences than real price differences.