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Raddish Box Frightful Fiesta

Raddish Box Frightful Fiesta

Raddish box knows what kids are all about during the month of October – mummies, skeletons, and all the other boo stuff. The entire moth gets dedicated to those activities and naturally the box reflects the mood.

Raddish Box Frightful Fiesta Deals

My daughter is always excited when I offer her to cook something with me and loves getting Raddish boxes every month. We even purchased personalized aprons from Personalization Mall to add extra flair to our cooking sessions. My 8 year old son is not that excited about cooking and baking, but he is also getting an apron to encourage him to come to the kitchen more often. I firmly believe that kids will leave my house knowing how to cook and take care of their healthy diets. This is why I will use any help I can get to help them develop good habits.

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Raddish Box Frightful Fiesta Offers

Raddish subscription does not include ingredients, but provides recipes and various kitchen related material to generate interest in kids. There are always three recipes with a list of ingredients, the needed tools, and step-by-step directions. We don’t always do all of them, but we always cook at least one meal.

Raddish Box Mummy Enchiladas

My daughter usually likes making something sweet, but this time I talked her into making Mummy Enchiladas.

Raddish Creepy Corn Dip

The other two things were Creepy Corn Dip and Haunted Tres Leches Cake.

Raddish Haunted Tres Leches Cake

The last one we might try to make later, for Halloween.

Frightful Fiesta from Raddish

The entire box is themed Frightful Fiesta, so all the dishes are Mexican. Kids just recently started getting interested in various cuisines, so this theme is great. I tried to make tacos at home a few weeks ago and failed miserably – this enchilada recipe is my redemption!

Raddish Box Activities

Besides the recipes, there are a few more activities. First, right on the other side of the envelope kids can find Frightful Fiesta word search. There are 10 Spanish words that need to be found in the letter scramble. On another card there are instructions how to make a paper bag piñata with just a few things, such as paper bag, candy, scissors, tape, colorful tissue paper, and string.

Raddish Box Table Talk cards

Shopping lists for all three recipes are on a separate card for convenience. Then, as always, Table Talk cards are included too. This time they are:

  • Describe the best party you’ve ever attended.
  • Cookies, cake, or candy?
  • Which movie character inspires you? Why?
  • My favorite dish at a Mexican Restaurant.

Raddish Table Talk Cards

The very final item is a red silicone liquid measuring cup. It measures stuff in ounces or cups. I always feel that there can never be too many measuring cups in the house, so we will definitely use this one.

Raddish Red Silicone Liquid Measuring Cup

Now on to the recipe: it made 8 enchiladas and it took us about 45 minutes of work + 20 minutes for baking in the oven. Overall the process was pretty simple. We first had to make enchilada sauce from all the liquid ingredients combined together. Next step was to pan fry onions, bell pepper, and zucchini with black beans. After that it’s all about stuffing enchiladas with all the ingredients and cheese, putting them in a baking dish, decorating them with string cheese, and baking for 20 minutes. The recipe did not call for it, but I also bought canned refried beans and sour cream to have on the side. Lettuce would be good too and some meat wouldn’t hurt, so this recipe is very open for modifications.

October Raddish box did not disappoint again and we’ll be looking forward to the November one, which I assume should be all about Thanksgiving!