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Outdoor Kids Gear on Sale Now

Kids Gear on Sale

If your child belongs to a family that enjoys the great outdoors, you know you will need lots of gear, which can arrive as gifts that will keep on giving. After all, the best gifts are those that can be used over and over together, enriching life experiences for the entire family.

Here is a list of gifts and gear that can help you get outside together:

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike ($110)

This is the next generation training bike, where instead of training wheels you have this pedal-less and low to the ground device for scooting and learning the balancing tricks. Your little one will be ready to graduate to the regular bike soon after mastering this one. Freedom is just around the corner!

Once he or she learns to balance, you can move up to pedals, hand breaks, and multiple gears with confidence.

sierra bikes for kids

Avid 4 Adventure Camp (from $220)

If you are ready to eliminate the screens in your child’s life and open the doors to nature, sign him up for one or more of these camps and let him have a good time. The camps range from learning how to ride a bike for a few hours to weeklong backpacking adventures.

This program is available in California, Colorado, Wyoming, and Oregon for kids of all ages. You never know – the camp might just make your child a life-long nature lover.

Mount Inspiration T-Shirts ($23)

The North Carolina based company is known for high quality and fun design t-shirts with quirky sayings. Think something like “Future Tree Hugger” or “Future Dirtbag”. The shirts are available for the entire family and are really comfortable, not to mention, attention attracting.

Mount Inspiration also has an amazing “always growing” option, where you can send in the outgrown t-shirt to them and receive a size bigger. For free!

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Suunto A-10 Field Compass ($16)

Compass makes all things nature better. This great tool can encourage hiking and help your little one to learn navigation skills.

Swiss Army Evolution Pocket Knife ($20-$33)

This knife is perfect for a bit older kids that love hiking and camping. It has 8 functions and slightly rounded blade tips.

Osprey Moki Hydration Pack ($50)

Put this lightweight backpack on your child and you won’t have to stop and “water him” all the time. Kids love to be independent, get their own drink, and even have some space for carrying a few small items, like a compass.

Osprey hydration pack at Sierra (formerly Sierra Trading Post)

Cheaper alternative can be found at Sierra. With 10% off and free shipping coupons your kid and your wallet will be happy.

Goggle Soc ($15)

Nobody likes scratched up googles and this cool sock solves that problem. Kids love the design while parents love the preservation factor.

Baby Bogs Classic Boots ($55)

You might find it difficult to take these cute and comfy winter shoes off after a day outside. Kids of all ages love these boots and their funky prints.

Sunski Mini Headlands Kid Sunglasses ($30)

These polarized and UV protected glasses not only look cool, but are very sturdy and can handle some abuse. You can even get yourself a pair and open the boxes together with your tot for extra fun.

Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece and Tribble Pants ($69 and $59)

Get this set and you will never have to worry about any adventurer getting cold outside. The pants and the jacket are very warm, comfortable, sturdy, and easy to put on. They also grow with your child for a few months.

Kid's Gear

Pura Bottles ($15-$25)

There is a bottle for very stage in life. These stainless steel bottles have a huge variety of lids, so you can enjoy them from sippy cup all the way to sports bottle. They are plastic and toxic free.

Nui Organics Merino Balaclava ($24)

Sometimes you just need something that’s more than a hat. This balaclava is perfect for covering kids’ ears, necks, and faces, without suffocating them.

Merrell Little Kid’s Bare Steps Boot ($48)

Little hikers are bound to love this comfy boot with wide toe box and rounded edge soles. The boot is ergonomic, soft, and is very easy to take off and put on.

sierra kids klimbing gear

Burley Design Solstice Stroller ($349)

This gift just keeps giving for both you and your child. You can have a perfect jog with smooth suspension, extendable handlebar, and front wheel that can swivel or be locked in one place. The stroller folds with just one hand, so you can take it anywhere problem-free.

Petzl Bindi ($60)

It’s small, light, and very bright, making it the best kids’ headlamp on the market for all the nights spent camping or crab hunting on the beach.

headlumps at Sierra (Sierra Trading Post is now Sierra)

Chasing Windmills Wool Long Johns ($74)

When nothing but wool will cut it, get this. The garment is USA-made, 100% soft wool, and can serve as a pajama set or thermal underwear for when it’s really cold. The material is super soft and light, ensuring quick dry and no sweat comfort.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock ($20)

This endless swinging fun weights just 10 ounces and can be taken anywhere. After trying it once kids might not agree to go camping or hiking without it ever again.

Helly Hansen K Isfjord Down Parka ($128-$170)

Coming from Norway, you know it is weather-tested and appropriate for the coldest of days. With this parka your little ones will be warm yet comfortable, won’t experience any down poking their backs, and remain stylish. The parka is very high quality and won’t fall apart after going through a brush. It even has reflective elements for winter days that become nights very early.

The North face Infant ThermoBall Bunting ($120)

This body suit is perfect for babies and for toddlers. The warm fleece does not restrict movements and provides feet and hand coverage if needed. The bunting costume is not waterproof, but great for snow as it slides right off. All in all, your little bundle of adventure will stay warm and cozy through all sorts of weather outside as long as needed.

Hydro Flask 12 oz Kids Wide Mouth ($30)

If you are looking for durability, look no further. This bottle can handle any altitude and any attitude. The bottle is metal, has thick spouted top that is easy to open, and is complete with rubber bottom for stabilization.