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My Honest DemDaco Souvenirs Review

My Honest DemDaco Souvenirs Review

I love travelling very much and everywhere I go I always buy souvenirs to bring home to showcase on the bookshelf or present to my close relatives and friends.

Lake Tahoe Clock

And this spawned the tradition of collecting rare and exclusive souvenirs, such as this Lake Tahoe clock and handmade paintings.

Lake Tahoe Painting

Also, cute and exclusive mugs, cups and other one-of-the kind gifts always attracted my attention. My parents don’t travel much, but I try to bring something special every time I return from my getaway. To make the gift more personal I try to choose the products that are either personalized or have the writing that would appeal to them most. And since I travel every year, I also try to make sure there is a year written on the gift and some special engraving.

DemDaco Nurs Mugs

When I was in Italy, I found a cute mug with a funny phrase for my friend who works as a nurse. Now this mug is her favorite and she uses it at work to drink coffee or tea during the lunch time . The writing on the mug makes everyone smile.

Jaw-Dropping Effect Mug

Another mug that creates a jaw-dropping effect on most people is that with “I am a succa for you” phrase. I presented it to my husband after one of my solo trips and it made his happy.

DemDaco Gifts

As I often shop at gift shops, I noticed many DemDaco souvenirs there and purchase them from time to time. I like them so much that I started ordering them online. For example, I ordered trendy DemDaco bracelet as a gift for my niece and it turned out it was just what she was looking for. I like ordering DemDaco gifts online as I can access DemDaco deals and discounts. For example, you can save 10% on your first DemDaco order with WELCOME22 coupon code. Whether looking for housewarming gifts, birthday, anniversary, back to school, graduation and other gifts they have got everything covered in DemDaco catalog.

DemDaco 10% Off Coupon

When it comes to housewarming gifts and home décor products, I love funny and offbeat gifts by Blue Q. I also found many Blue Q gifts in souvenir stores and now I order them on Amazon. For example, I presented these funny oven mitts to my friends when they moved to a new home.

Housewarming Gifts

My tradition of collecting souvenir started with my passion for travelling. But during the lockdown I learned to shop for exclusive gifts online. To my surprise I discovered that you don’t even need to leave your home to find super cute or cool gifts for family and friends. You can get those gifts personalized, engraved or embroidered and get them shipped right to your friend’s door. Now, many people got back to instore purchases, but many stayed loyal to online shopping. To be honest, I still shop for most products online, including thoughtful gifts. It’s faster, cheaper and I can do it whenever I have free time, even waiting in a traffic jam.