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Best Souvenirs to Bring from Poland

Souvenirs to Bring from Poland

No trip to a foreign country is complete without bringing souvenirs that would remind about those happy moments that filled your days with joy. Late April and early May is probably the best time for a memorable vacation in Europe. The nature awakens at that time, everything is blooming and there is some festive spirit n the air. Here is our list of best things to buy in Poland.

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs

If you are lucky to visit Poland during Easter time make sure you go to the local market or old town square to get traditional Easter décor: fluffy rabbits and Easter baskets with eggs. When it comes to Easter eggs there is a great variety of materials and sizes to choose from. The assortment can’t but impress and the creativity of local craftsmen seems to be endless.

Eggs Wrapped in Silk

There are not only real size eggs painted in traditional colors and ornaments, but also wooden ones (cost around $2 each) and DIY eggs wrapped in silk and decorated with beads and nice colorful ribbons (for $5 per item). To add some glamour to the festive atmosphere consider purchasing the bigger ones featuring rhinestones and silver or gold décor.

Gold and Silver Easter Eggs

Want to get some adorable Easter eggs but have no time for a trip abroad? That’s not a problem at all.  At Etsy you will find a wide selection of Easter eggs and more for your home as well as great gift ideas for friends and family. Etsy coupons will help you get your coveted gift for less.


Porcelain Easter Eggs

Another traditional souvenir that will brighten your home is porcelain. Gift ideas include cute rabbits, hens and, of course, Easter eggs. If you are looking for more functional gifts you can purchase cup and plate sets available in traditional colors.

Polish Porcelain

A great source for getting personalized cups, plates and more is Personalization Mall. Just choose the item that appeals to you most and get it personalized for that special someone. It’s such a pleasure to receive thoughtful gifts you can showcase at home! You can find Personalization Mall Coupons here to save on your purchase.

Porcelain Easter Souvenirs


Polish Jewelry

Every woman would be happy to receive one of these handmade necklaces as a gift. Folk motifs are still trendy and red Ukrainian necklaces are especially popular these days. If you are looking for something truly Ukrainian to express your support a red necklace is what you need. Vibrant colors, various bead sizes and a great selection of styles to choose from will make it difficult to make up your mind.  So you are sure to be tempted to get at least two.

Local food

Polish Cheeses

When you visit a new country trying local food is a must. As it comes to Polish traditional food it includes a variety of grilled meat and sausages sizzling in the open fire, sheep and goat cheese, cranberry jam, and more. As it comes to cheeses their variety is just stunning. Shaped like dumplings, sprinkled with herbs, smoked they are simply out of this world, a great treat for real gourmets.

Polish Local Food

Candy and toys

If you are looking for sweets for the youngest members of your family candy and toys are always the best. Before Easter you can find rabbits made of wool (cost around $4), a variety of stuffed animals and one of the kind candy.

Rabbits Made of Wool Deals

By the way in local shops candy is stored in large barrels in bulk and customers can create their own assortment of sweets of their own choice.