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My First DoorDash Experience

Mochi Donut

My teenage son is a big lover of donuts. He tried all the possible brands, and I am always happy to surprise him with something new if I can. But this time my friend made his day. She ordered Mochi donuts through DoorDash and left us the message that they were supposed to be delivered in 40 minutes.

So, what are Mochi donuts? How are they different from the traditional ones? We were looking forward to try. Meanwhile, while waiting, I checked Google search and discovered that Mochi donuts are neither cake donuts nor chewy mochi. It is something in between. Chewy mochi are traditional Japanese rice cakes with glutinous rice as the main ingredient. Glutinous rice is also often referred to as polished sticky rice. So, Mochi donuts are usually made from gluten-free tapioca flour or glutinous rice flour. Sounds intriguing… But where are our donuts with a Japanese twist? 50 minutes passed and nobody had knocked at the door yet!

DoorDash Delivery

At that very moment I got a message that my order was dropped off! The Dasher wrote that he needed a gate code and just left the order outside. He took a photo of the place where he had left the order and sent it to me. I was surprised and a little bit shocked. I have never experienced such delivery before. Fortunately, I quickly saw the message and went down to pick up the box with donuts. They were safe and were waiting for us exactly as the Dasher had left them. Well, what an unusual delivery! It’s adventurous and incorporated the elements of the quest as by the photo it was hard to figure out the exact location.

DoorDash Delivery Offer

There were 12 donuts in the box, and all were really cute and delicious. They looked and tasted good. The pastry was tender and just melted in the mouth. It was the first time we tried Mochi donuts and DoorDasher delivery. And we liked both.

Mochi Donuts

Now I always use DoorDash for home food delivery as with summer DashPass there is no delivery fee on restaurant and grocery eligible orders. And guess what! Mochi donuts are currently our favorite donuts we regularly order! I downloaded the app, signed up and got access to numerous DoorDash deals. First, there is ICECREAM5 coupon for $5 off a pint of ice cream valid on National Ice Cream Day on Sunday July 17. Another offer not to be missed is you can get 50% off your next two orders at DoorDash (maximum of $15, minimum $10) which is great deal indeed. You can even get $20 in credits when your friend signs up using your referral link and gets his first order of over $15, plus your friend gets $10 off each of his first 3 orders. Sounds really good!

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Mochi Donuts Doordash Delivery

It’s so convenient to have your food delivered right to your doorstep. It takes time and money to get to the store and do the shopping. Of course, you can’t order all the time, but when you are short of the time and you need some snacks right away DoorDash is there to help.