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My First Butcher Box Order

My First Butcher BoxMy First Butcher Box Order Has Arrived

With two sons and a husband our family are mostly meat eaters so stocking up on quality meat is important for me. Usually I shop at Bristol Farms, but this time I decided to order online at butcherbox.com. I read many positive reviews about this store and decided to give it a try.

Butcher Box ReviewOpening Mu First Butcher Box Order

So, I ordered 2 custom Beef & Chicken boxes and was offered a free Bacon for Life pack. I used a coupon at checkout and saved $20, plus shipping was free.

Butcher Box Coupon CodeApplying Coupon to My Butcher Box Order

As you see, the price is in the mid-range, but considering the high quality of the products, discount applied and free shipping I think it was a good deal for me. Well, we’ll wait for the delivery to personally evaluate the quality, freshness and flavor.

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  • $10 Off Sitewide with code TAKE10

ButcherBox DealsThe Contents of NY Butcher Box

It takes about 3-4 days to ship the order and in 3 days I was notified that the delivery would be the next day. I live in the apartment complex, and I was wondering where they would leave the boxes. Last week when my friend ordered donuts for us, the DooDasher left them right near the gate. When I got the message that my order had been delivered, I expected to find it there too. But there were no boxes in the street, and I decided to check the Parcel Office. And they were there.

ButcherBox PackChicken Thighs from Butcher Box

The boxes are rather large and heavy.

Chicken by ButcherBoxChicken Breast from Butcher Box

The meat was packaged properly. It arrived frozen and there was ice inside the box to prevent defrosting.

ButcherbBox Round BeefBeef Steaks from Butcher Box

I ordered smoked bacon, chicken thighs, chicken breasts, beef steaks and ground beef. I was very pleased with my order. The meat is of the highest quality. Organic chicken without antibiotics, hormones or steroids added. Grass-fed beef raised without hormones and antibiotics too.

ButcherBox Ground BeefGround Beef from Butcher Box

The shipping was expedient, I was informed in advance about the order delivery and meat was packaged well.

ButcherBox BaconSmoked Bacon from Butcher Box

Having finished unpacking I decided to try smoked bacon as it didn’t need cooking and it was delicious. The meat was tender and not oversmoked, just perfect. I couldn’t resist the temptation and made fried eggs with bacon.

Fried Eggs with Butcher Box Bacon IngredientsIngredients for Bacon and Eggs

Here are the ingredients: olive oil, smoked bacon, 4 or 5 eggs, a tomato, an onion, some broccoli and brussels sprouts.  

How to Make It:

Oil the pan

Fried Eggs with Bacon CookingCooking the Meal Using Butcher Box Bacon

Slice the onion and fry it until golden

Add TomatoAdding Tomatoes to the Dish

Add bacon, brussels sprouts, sliced broccoli and tomato.

Break the EggsMy Bacon and Eggs Are Ready

Break the eggs into the pan.

Pink Himalayan Salt by RiegaHimalayan Pink Salt by Riega

Sprinkle the dish with salt. I like to use pink himalayan salt by Riega.

Dish with Butcher BoxEnjoy Your Meal with Bacon from Butchy Box

Enjoy your dish)