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My Blenders Shopping Experience

Blenders Flag Store Shopping Experience

I have recently discovered Blenders sunglasses, thanks to Beachly subscription box, where I have found my first pair and fell in love. I liked the quality, bright color of lenses, and especially the playful style. This lady is about to turn 40 here and she does need a lot of style to offset that number! But since 40 is the new 20, Blenders are just right for me.

The company was started in 2012 as cheap sunglasses sold on the beach, but quickly occupied a niche that wasn’t yet saturated – middle of the road price, but high quality glasses, sunglasses, blue light glasses, readers, and ski goggles. The latest endeavor of Blenders is three most popular models of sunglasses that don’t sink, but float instead. Imagine how cool that is if you are a surfer from California!

Local Vendors Boutiques

I say California, because that’s where I live and that’s where Blenders flag store is located – in San Diego. That is no coincidence, because Chase Fisher, the founder, lives here and started his career as a licensed surfing instructor. See, the guy really knows a thing or two about sinking sunnies problems!

Once I found out where the flag shop is, I had to visit it. Blenders sell almost all their glasses online and at counters of a few select retailers, but nothing beats the real shop experience, so I went in on our next trip to San Diego.

Before I went in, I checked for special deals, as I always do. And Blenders offers 15% off just for signing up for text message ads. These messages are going to keep me posted about future discounts, so I didn’t mind one bit and enjoyed my promo code to the fullest.

See Blenders Promotions:

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Perfect Gift for Myself

Blenders store is located at Seaside Gallery and Goods, where many local vendors have their boutiques. The whole place is like a wonderland, where you can get amazing gifts for everybody you know.

Amazing Gifts for Everybody

I was on the mission to get a perfect gift for myself though. If you are ready to visit this beautiful place, here is the address:

124 Tustin Ave

Newport Beach, CA

Phone # 949-438-7277

Seaside offers curbside pickup, no contact porch delivery for people who live close by for $100, and shipping to all continental US. None of those options appealed to me because after surviving the pandemic in California I am very much ready to visit shops and everything else in person.

Blenders Eyewear Offers 2021

Blenders store is very inviting and trendy – as if I had any doubts about that! It’s one thing to try to pick a pair of sunnies online and totally another to get to try many pairs for real. I looked at and tried a bunch of sunglasses of every color and style. I was attracted to flashy frames; I swear it happens as you reach some sort of age threshold.

Blenders Eyewear Promo Deal

What I really liked were the prices. Some glasses were going for $35. I chose a pair for $38, which is nothing to compare with Oakley, Ray Ban, or Christian Dior. My glasses feature multicolor tan frame and rose gold polarized lenses. I have to admit I look splendid with them in my pink summer dress with puff sleeves.

Accessories for Home

As I wondered through the store, I was mesmerized by various accessories for home, apparel, signs, tableware, hats, pillows, beauty products, beach mats, and even stuffed toys. Sure, not all of them are made by Blenders, but I still came home with a set of wooden bowls for the house.

Pleasant Shopping Experience

After this most pleasant shopping experience, one thing is clear – I will be back, and probably pretty soon. Word on the street is that once you buy a pair of Blenders, you are hooked. And I can totally see why!