Blenders Eyewear Promo Codes | October 2022

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Why Blenders Eyewear?

Blenders Sunglasses Promotion

There is a stereotype that high quality glasses must be expensive. Well, we all know about legendary brands that have already become eternal classics. But these days new companies appear which zero in making stylish but mid-priced glasses. One of them is Blenders Eyewear that offers trend setting eyeglasses, sunglasses, blue light glasses, and snow goggles.

Blenders Sunglasses Offers

Started by a young person who loves active and fast paced life Blenders first of all caters to the needs of young and energetic people who appreciate style and comfort. Bold and colorful Blenders glasses will become a perfect accent in your look and are sure to draw attention. In addition to ultra trendy styles you can also find more conservative designs with a modern twist.

There are so many reasons why you should try Blenders glasses:

  • Style and high quality at affordable price.
  • A wide assortment of products. Here you will find glasses for all occasions, from prescription glasses to sunglasses and even ski goggles.
  • You can get your pair of glasses customized. Just choose the shapes, their color and material to create the unique style that will be exclusively yours.
  • Award-winning customer service.
  • Numerous discounts and sales offers.
  • Rewards program that helps you save even more.
  • Free U.S. shipping on all orders over $50 and free returns within 45 days.

Blenders Eyewear Discount

When it comes to cons, honestly, I can’t think of any. The choice of prescription glasses is not very big, though. They mostly specialize in offering stylish sunglasses. As a person who wears glasses I understand how important it is to have several trendy frames to switch looks. I would like Blenders to add more options in this category. But that’s my personal opinion.

Considering the prices, Blenders is hard to beat. Their products can easily rival with the most famous designers in terms of quality and style, but the prices are budget-friendly:

  • The cost of non-prescription glasses ranges from $40-$70, polarized or non-polarized.
  • Prescription glasses start with $90, but can reach up to $150 if you decide to add features like color lenses, etc.
  • The lowest price of prescription eyeglasses is $90, but with a few add-ons it will be over $100.  
  • Blue light glasses cost about $50.
  • Snow goggles can be purchased for $100-$120.

Blenders Eyewear Cool Sunnies

Blenders is a popular store to get quality stylish sunglasses. Many customers choose Blenders Eyewear because choices are plentiful there– a huge variety of colors, frame shapes, materials, and styles. All the glasses are 100% UV protected and are made with polycarbonate.

Blenders Eyewear Deal

If you need not only protection from the sun, but also vision correction you can order prescription sunglasses that can be polarized or not polarized. If you buy online consider using Blenders’ fit guide to make sure your new pair of glasses fits you right.

Blenders eyeglasses are available in many colors and styles. Customers can choose higher index and different degree of blue light blocking specs. Every upgrade is not free, but it’s worth paying some extra money to get the product that meets all your needs perfectly. It should be noted that a valid prescription is required to place your order at Blenders.

Modern reading glasses can be stylish as well. They block blue light and are available from +0.5 to +2.0 powers.

Blue color blocking glasses also look trendy and are sold without any prescription. These glasses are on the larger side so keep this in mind when choosing a new pair.

Winter sports enthusiasts will find a wide range of snow goggles that are colorful and definitely won’t leave you unnoticed on the slopes. Some lenses are interchangeable so they are sure to match any ski outfit. All Blenders goggles are made with lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane 90 and feature hypoallergenic face foam, non-scratch lenses, anti-fog technology, and nonslip band. They are made to ensure your comfort and safety on the slopes plus have beautiful design that helps you feel and look great.

Blenders Eyewear Promo

Buying Blenders specs is easy and hassle free. Even though they have only one flagship store in San Diego, California, there are a number of Blenders counters at other stores, including Amazon. The most convenient way is to order your new glasses online. This way you will have access to sales offers, and coupons with discount. When you shop online the coupon codes will pop up from time to time so watch for them while browsing their website. Shipping and returns are free on orders over $50. In addition the company offers international shipping as well.

Blenders offers a generous Rewards Program for loyal customers and awards points for joining, placing orders, following in social media and writing reviews. When you score 100 points you receive $15 off your purchase.

Blenders Eyewear is one of the fastest growing eyewear companies in the U.S. The company targets mostly young people who appreciate quality, style and affordability. Blenders is working hard to expand their product line with new innovative styles, such as floating sunglasses that float in the water without sinking. Blenders glasses are neither too expensive nor too cheap, they are just in the mid-range, good enough to wear with pleasure and not too costly to fear about losing them. They are extremely popular among young people passionate about beach vibes.