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Blenders Eyewear Review

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As much as I love cool shades for summer, I haven’t heard about Blenders Eyewear until I received a pair from Beachly. I tried them and instantly fell in love. The glasses fit so well and made me look so foxy that I decided to investigate the company and get more glasses from them.

Blenders Eyewear Review 2021

After reading about Blenders Eyewear I understood that I must’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, because apparently Blenders have been around and trendy for a while. The company is popular among millennials and Instagram influencers because of their affordability and futuristic designs. People like me appreciate the quality and the fact that glasses and lenses can be prescription and also work in snow and prevent sun glare. Not every affordable pair of glasses will do that!

The beginning of the company was in the club, thanks to a flashy pair of sunglasses worn by Chase Fisher, the founder. He got so much attention that night that he decided to start offering trendy sunnies to others. The first sales took place out of this backpack, but things escalated fast.

Blenders Eyewear Summer 2021

Blenders target people who hunger for adventure, are not afraid to try something new, and enjoy standing out in a crowd. Chase Fisher had a sponsored athlete background and knew how to get into that scene too. He was not afraid of designs that turn heads and don’t let you get lost in the crowd. This has always been the main appeal of the brand.

There are plenty of other reasons why people love their Blenders:

  • Prices don’t bite
  • There are many styles of frames to choose from for everybody
  • Free shipping for orders of $40+ and free returns in 45 days
  • Lots of followers of the brand

A few people have complained about long shipping time and damage upon arrival in their reviews, but no e-commerce store exists without some of that. Another complaint is that Blenders glasses are targeting only Americans as the only physical store is San Diego, CA. But you can order Blenders on Amazon and get them shipped anywhere.

Blenders offer more than just trendy sunglasses or ski goggles. You can find stylish prescription eyeglasses, blue light glasses, and readers. Frames come in every possible shape and color, so the choices are always plentiful.

Prescription lenses also come in variety of specs – blue light, polarized, or high index. Lens colors can be clear, smoke, pink, amber, or blue. This possibility of customization is very appealing to people these days as we desire more and more personalization.

The blue light lens option is not standard either as you can choose from strength ranging from 0.5 to 2.0. Frames of most glasses can also be modified and come in matte, crystal grey, rubberized, and soft-touch.

Blenders Eyewear sunglasses collection is also extensive. The shades are definitely inspired by the cool LA beach vibe and most definitely appeal to millennials, who want to remain playful, active, and young. The glasses can be polarized or not and mirror or not, but they all are 100% UV protected. And the best part is that most sunglasses are just $48-$58.

Blenders Eyewear Sunglasses

Blenders are well known for their goggles that come in bright colors, vibrant designs, and futuristic looks. They don’t only look good, but also prevent sun glare and fit perfectly with Blenders snow helmets, beanies, and masks. All the goggles are made of scratch resistant glass that doesn’t fog up. They are 100% UV protected and most fit all the sexes. Lenses can also be swapped, so you don’t have to be stuck with just one color or style. Most goggles go for about $100.

What people love most about Blenders Eyewear is high quality and versatility for a price that is affordable for most. Glasses are stylish and customers seem to enjoy Blenders customer care.

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Blenders glasses can often be found with as much as 50% discount, which helps people fall in love even faster. During Black Friday sale some glasses can be sold for as little as $5, so guess where you’ll find me next Black Friday! First time customers can get 15% off and there is a Rewards program for frequent shoppers. In short, there are many ways to save on Blenders Eyewear and plenty of great incentives to become a loyal customer, as proven by over 400k Insta followers.