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Hurry! Disney Swim 20% Off

disney swim event - 20% off discount

Spring is here and summer is not that far away too, so it’s time to update your swim gear and apparel before you head to the beach or on that Disney Cruise for spring break.

Disney Swim Event 20off Coupon

Oh My Disney is inviting us all to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine with brand new collections of swimwear inspired by Mickey and some other beloved 90’s characters, like Aladdin and Lion King.

Disney Swim Event 20off Discount

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Disney Swim Collection never disappoints, as it proved last year with The Little Mermaid items, so the hope is that only great things can come out of this year’s assortments. Take a look at what’s new for fun this summer and get your shopping on.

Disney-inspired swim suits 20off

After all, picking a Disney-inspired swim suit this year is nothing short of “problem-free” philosophy.

Disney frozen swimwear

The Lion King Collection

This collection features bright colors and characters so beloved that we might want to just kick our feet up and enjoy the Hakuna Matata style life.

Disney The Lion King Collection

Some of our favorites from this collection include:

  • A plush vibrant green and yellow Hakuna Matata towel for all the times the towel might be needed in summer.
  • A tumbler with Timon, Pumba, and Young Simba strolling through their problem-free world.
  • A Lion King kimono to give you that luxurious feeling of flowing about your legs fabric, breezy material, and images of Zazu for extra pop of color.
  • Blue pair of Lion King swim trunks for men with Timon and Pumba, Simba and Nala, and the spotted hyenas.

Disney Timon and Pumba Collection

  • Lion King Spirit jersey for chilly evenings once the sun goes down. Sunset ombre design gets all the fashion scores.
  • Zazu print short sleeve men’s button up shirt for cozy pool lounges.
  • Light Simba sliders for strolls on the sand and boardwalk.

Disney Store swim event

A Whole New World Collection

Disney Aladdin and Princess Jasmin Collection promo

This collection is all about magic colors, deep hues, and sparkle, which is what we all need for summer splashing. Let’s take a look at some items from this:

  • Magic carpet float with attached Abu at the back, which is fun for kids and adults alike.
  • Starry skied off-shoulder swimsuit for ladies for relaxed sun soaking afternoons or beach strolls. The one piece features Aladdin and Princess Jasmin on the front for all the hopeless romantics.
  • Magic carpet towel to dry after a swim, complete with golden tassels for the full effect.
  • Men’s swim trunks with blue Gennie pattern.

disney princess swimwear

Mickey Mouse Collection

Disney Mickey Mouse Swim Collection promo

Everything is more fun when Mickey is around. As expected, Disney stays close to fashion and offers some great products from this sentimental collection:

  • Round trendy towel with Mickey Mouse on it for an afternoon lounge or a cozy wrap after a swim.
  • 90’s inspired swimsuits for men and women to show the love for Mickey. The beloved 90 year old character is featured on the apparel in color and grey and white.

Disney Mickey Mouse Swim Collection

  • Disco Ball Mickey Mouse tumbler is bound to keep your drinks cool and refreshing no matter how hot the sun gets.
  • Trendy choices of sunglasses with Disney design and logo from all collections are available this summer too.

Disney Swim Event 20off Offer