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How to get Apple Educational Discount

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Apple sells sweet technology, we all know that, but we also know that all those computers are not the cheapest on the market. You are in luck if you have anything to do with education because you can use education discount, right? Let’s take a look:

Apple’s newest iPad was introduced at the education-themed press event just recently. What’s so special about this product, you might ask? It’s not any cheaper than the cheapest iPad from before, but you can save some money with an educational discount and take it down from $329 to $300 if you buy it through your school. It’s $309 for all educators. The best part? It turns out we all can be in education!

Apple is definitely working on closing this loophole that lets everyone save $20, but so far it’s legally up for grabs.

Apple Discount for Students

Educational discount rules

Three kinds of people can take advantage of educational discount:

  • Current and new students and their parents
  • Faculty and staff
  • Homeschool teachers

However, Apple doesn’t ask for any proof when ordering online. There are no requirements for certificates or documents to show that one is really a homeschool teacher. The only difference in ordering with educational discount and without is where you are ordering. Anybody can go to Apple Education Pricing Store, select products, and purchase. If Apple has questions, they might send you an email later asking for an ID, but nothing is required during the checkout process.

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This only works in the US. UK shoppers have to verify their status via UNiDAYS service. This requires supporting documentation, but you can still get in on that discount if you are smart, because there is a perfectly legal way to obtain the NUS card and enjoy the educational discount of up to 339 pounds.

To be eligible for NUS card you need just one thing – buy an online course. There are quite a few choices of that, starting at just 4 pounds per class. You can find something that you really like and can use in the future for 30 pounds. The choice is yours!

Apple Educational Discount

Once you enroll in an online course, buy NUS card for 12 pounds. We are serious when we say that this small initial investment will definitely pay off many times over with savings you will get from Apple. You can start shopping online even before the card arrives in the mail and start saving!

Education discount can definitely save you some serious cash, so consider buying more expensive items online. Your student or teacher status will most likely be verified at the store, according to Apple terms and conditions. If you can’t prove that you are eligible for an education discount after your purchase, your credit card will be charged in the amount of price difference. If you paid cash, Apple will send you an invoice for the difference of price you paid versus what general public pays.

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If Apple doesn’t sell the exact item to general public, you will be charged what the closest item costs. Refusal to cooperate and pay the difference might result in court and litigation, so always take this seriously and pay the invoice.

In addition to a nice chunk of cash saved with your educational discount, you will also get free Beats headphones with purchase at the beginning of every academic year before October 2nd – yet another perk if you can get it.

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Young people and professionals don’t usually have the luxuries of lavish spending, certainly not on pricey computers and iPads. Despite a desire to save, not everybody wants to have the cheapest technology on the market, so we are forced to try any and all tricks we can in order to score Apple, but without the steep price.


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Just how much will you save with educational discount? Let’s take a look:

  • 10% off Macs
  • 5% off iPads
  • 50% off Apple Care
  • 10% off accessories
  • Over $250 on Beats Solo 3 Wireless

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