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How to Choose the Best Skis for Kids

The Best Skis for Kids

With skiing season fast approaching or already there in some places, you might be day dreaming about the upcoming family skiing or snowboarding trips.

Children's Skis

While dreaming about that is awesome, it does create a need for supplies if you have growing young skiers, so shopping is in the cards.

Family Skiing

But before you go for that pair of new skis for your child, take a few minutes to think and answer to those questions:

  • Will you ski many times this season?
  • Will you drive or fly?
  • Does it make financial sense to buy?
  • Should you rent or lease?

First Skiing Experience

Only after you think about all that and decide that buying is a way to go for you, should you start doing some research about the type of skis and the right length. We see parents making one huge mistake all the time – they try to get as many seasons out of skis or snowboards as possible, which means that they first buy skis and ski boots way too big and then continue using them even when they become way too small.

Kids Ski Boots

To avoid mistakes you should calculate the ski length based on child’s height, weight, and ability level. Most skis are measured in centimeters and there is a weight limit on them, so every ski shop employee should be able to help you.

Kids Ski Packages

Kids that weigh 40-50 pounds should use 90 cm long skis, and those of 60 pounds need 100 cm long skis. So pretty much every 10 pounds add 10 cm in height.

Beginner Ski Equipment Package

Another great test is by measuring the skis next to a child. The top of the skis should come up to right between the nose and chin. Advanced kids need longer skis, beginners should use shorter ones.

Teach a Child to Ski

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Best Kids Ski Helmets

If you’re ready to buy, take a look at some of these high quality skis because kids should not be stuck with some old rentals while mom and dad are zooming in a pair of Factions.

Best Skis for Kids 2019

Here are 10 best skis for kids:

K2 Misconduct Jr. Skis for girls – $260

Every little snow queen should have skis like these and be able to conquer any mountain day after day. The skis are loaded with the same features as adult mountain skis are, from aspen core, to grippy sidewalls, and reinforced tips and tails. The skis will definitely last for longer than she will need them.

Skis Christmas Experience

Mindbender Jr. Skis with Bindings – $399.95

This is another great pair for that ultimate ripper and may we suggest this is a perfect Christmas gift? This would make you the best parent and would equip him or her with a tool to leave you behind in a cloud of white powder. The mountain skis have aspen core and sidewalls for extra stability.

Sir Francis Bacon Shorty Skis – $369.95

The men’s Sir Francis Bacon skis are well-known and loved for over 10 years, so no wonder kids’ version is awesome too. Kids will love to jump off backcountry cliffs and land softly on those skis. Youngsters also love the symmetrical flex pattern and excellent control of speed and maneuvers.

Faction Skis Candide 2.0 Ski – $698.95

These babies are not cheap, but definitely worth every penny. The kids’ and adults’ versions were created by pro skier Candide Thovex, so you know they are good. The pair features a medium-stiff flex pattern, a symmetrical sidecut, and sandwiched sidewalls, so your daredevil will flawlessly ride forward, switch, and grind rails and boxes with confidence.

Skiing for Kids

Atomic Vantage Jr 6 Kids Skis with Bindings – $259.99

These skis are great for kids who are still getting used to the slopes. They have softer flex underneath for full contact and more control. Composite material the core is made of helps reducing vibrations. The bindings are adjustable, so you’ll have years of use from out of this investment.

Elan Sky QS Ski with bindings – $219.95

These cute skis are perfect for your toddler girl to learn her first tricks thanks to flexible construction. The price is perfect for the pair and adjustable binders will ensure a few seasons of usage. And then there are the colors of a unicorn!

Armada ARW 84 Girls Skis – $299.95

These skis are for serious adolescent skiers who are about ready for their half pipe. Pop-Lite Core combines lightweight and dense woods, so your little Olympian can be lively, powerful, and reach impressive heights. The skis are durable and will hold forever.

Line Tom Wallisch Shorty Skis with Binding – $309.95

Tom Wallisch is well-known in the skiing world and thus his advice is what made these skis great. The pair is perfect for mastering any trick you can think of and will withstand all the fails before the mastery.

Volkl Mantra Jr Ski – $279

Kids who love to push the envelope on the slopes need these. Strong core and vertical sidewalls keep skis stable no matter how fast they go. Full rocker profile helps to float in powder while flat underfoot enables quick turns, so there is no danger for speed lovers.

Salomon NFX Jr. Ski – $250

This pair feature twin tips and make riding forward just as easy as switching, so a freeride champion can be born. Composite core is light and versatile, which means that these skis can be taken out of the park and into the forest for some cross country action.

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