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Getting Ready for Halloween 2022

Getting Ready for Halloween 2022Lowe’s Shop Window Decorations

Sipping August as a bottle of wine my thought inevitably revert to entering the fall season. Just yesterday I came across a great Halloween installation in the neighbor’s yard and realized that it’s time to start looking for Halloween décor. And since I don’t want my yard to look inferior to that of a neighbor’s I need to work hard to beat their decorations.

Pumpkin Halloween DecorationsJack-O-Lanterns Offered for Sale at Lowe’s

As a rule, I don’t take Halloween decorations seriously. I know, it’s fun and spectacular, but I haven’t been hooked by the idea of turning my house into a haunted one with spooky creatures sneaking around and disgusting faces shining in the darkness. Until now. All I did before Halloween is just got to Lowe’s to choose some decorations that would complement the existing ones. I would normally place several pumpkins in the yard and hang some spiderweb with bat on the tree brunches. Pretty traditional and ordinary, I would say. This year I decided to add some personalized twist to my Halloween décor and came up with an idea to order my Halloween décor at Personalization Mall.

Halloween Décor IdeasHalloween decorations in the Local Lowe’s

I know how much Halloween décor costs at Lowe’s, so the first thing I wanted to check is their prices and the product selection. The cheapest Halloween decorations at Lowe’s start with $35 and up.

Halloween décor ideaSpooky Creatures at Lowe’s

The first thing I noticed about Personalization Mall is that their prices are lower, and they already offer a number of items on sale. I wanted to get some personalized outdoor décor to showcase to friends and neighbors. Haunted House Personalized Magnetic Garden Sign with personalization option caught my eye. The good thing about this garden sign is that it can be easily removed from the stake and the sign on sale costs only $11.89. A good and affordable Halloween décor idea. My garden stake is pretty old, and it wants replacing, so I decided to purchase Interchangeable Magnetic Garden Stake made from rust-free solid iron. The stake is collapsible and won’t take too much space in the garage. It’s going to last for years to come and if I feel bored with the sign, I can always replace it with a new one.

Interchangeable Magnetic Garden StakeHalloween Sign Kit at Lowe’s

I checked Lowe’s too, and they do have a nice do-it-yourself sign, but it costs $19.98, so I had better order at Personalization Mall. I was looking for Personalization Mall coupon but didn’t find one. I didn’t get upset though because the item I was going to buy was on sale anyway.

Halloween Treat BagHalloween Treat Bag at Lowe’s

Oh, I nearly forgot to buy a new Halloween treat bag. It is also on sale at Personalization Mall and the prices start at $9.99. This is definitely cheaper than bags at Lowes, plus I can get it personalized too.

This is my first experience ordering Halloween décor at Personalization Mall. But I must say that I’m very happy with my purchase. I got unique items at the price cheaper than the price most home goods retailers charge. I used to think that getting personalized products is more expensive, but it turned out to be a myth and I’m glad I dispelled it. Personalization is free, at least at Personalization Mall, and now I know that I don’t have to spend some extra money for personalized stuff.