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Getting Men's Essentials at the Best Price

Men's Essentials at the Best Price

Unlike us, women, men don’t usually stock up on a lot of skin care supplies (thanks God!), but they do need necessities for everyday use. My husband doesn’t like to shop as most men do so it is my responsibility to make sure he doesn’t run out of shave gel and blade refills. Oh, speaking of shave gel, recently he switched to Dollar Shave Club shaving butter as it is thicker on the face and ensures better protection and smoother glide than a gel.

Right now, his favorite shaving brand is Dollar Shave Club. He used to like Gillette and has been using it for years, but several months ago I bought him Dollar Shave Club shave gel and he loved it. Next time I bought him 6 blade razor handle with 2 blade refills and he liked them too. He says the quality is good, and the price is more affordable.

Dollar Shave Club Cartridges

I was happy with his decision to switch to DSC too as with prices always rising it’s nice to find the way to cut your expenses at least on something. I usually buy shaving essentials at Target when I do my grocery shopping or order products online.

Dollar Shave Club Cartridges with 6 Blades

During my last visit to Target I bought him 4 Dollar Shave Club cartridges with 6 blades for just 9.99.

Cartridges of Gillette Skinguard

For comparison, 4 cartridges of Gillette Skinguard for sensitive skin cost 14.99, so the deal is evident. In fact, the cost of starter set of 6 blade razor handle + 2 cartridges from DSC is identical to that of Gillette Mach3 (9.99 and 9,79 respectively), but the cost of blade refills with cartridges is cheaper from DSC.

Gillette Mach3

The only possible way to save on Gillette cartridges is to purchase in bulk.

Gillette Mach3 Cartridges

The cost of a pack of 15 Gillette Mach3 cartridges is 36.49 which is a really good deal. Otherwise, if you buy a pack of 4 cartridges the unbeatable price is 9,99 for 6 blade or 7,99 for 4 blade from DSC.

Dollar Shave Club Shave Gel

Dollar Shave Club shave gel was also available at Target for 5.99. but as I said before my husband prefers shave butter. Its retail price at Target is 6.99, but it was out of stock, so I had to order it online.

When I purchase online, I try to grab the Dollar Shave Club coupon code first. This time luck was with me and I got 30% off shave products bundles at Dollar Shave Club. I just thought it would be super convenient to get all my husband’s shaving necessities delivered regularly, plus I added two extra products for him to try. This time I got 6 Blade Refills, Shave Butter which is a must have for him now, Post Shave Dew and Hydrating Face Wash. This bundle is supposed to last him for 2 months and includes everything a man needs to look neat and well groomed.  The discount was so luring that it was impossible to pass by. Plus, I won’t need to face the situation when some product I need is out of stock.