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Freebie of The Year! Free Mrs. Meyer's Gift Set at Grove Co.

We are very excited to share this exciting Mrs. Meyer’s gift will all our readers! If you have ever tried any of the company’s products, you know how good they smell and feel. And now Grove Collaborative is here to help you snag the entire set totally free. Read on to find out how.

Grove Co. Box

What is included in the Mrs. Meyer’s gift?

Whether you love cleaning or hate the process, but love the result, Mrs. Meyer’s products are definitely going to make your life easier and smelling better. Right now if you place an order of at least $20 at Grove Collaborative, you will get an amazing trio of products totally free. The trio includes Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap, dish soap, and multi-surface spray. All of them are beautifully packed in Grove Co cleaning caddy and followed by 2 Grove Co walnut scrubber sponges. That’s a $30 gift totally at no cost to you; it’s just a way to thank you for giving Grove Collaborative a try.

And that’s not all! If you will find more items you like (it’s hard not to) and will spend $39 on your first order, the company will send you a beautiful stoneware tray totally free. We use it for storing all our sink soaps, dish soaps, and sponges to keep the counter tidy and clear.

Grove Collaborative Mrs. Meyer's Kit

How can you get the free gift set?

Let us walk you through every step of starting out with Grove Co. to get those amazing gifts:

  • Sign up procedure

This procedure is extremely simple. You will need to open and account and get right on to shopping. You will get the free gift and free shipping once you place an order of $20. You will also be granted a free 60-day VIP trial, which means that if you will place another order within the next two months, your shipping will also be free. Don’t forget to cancel this membership if you don’t have plans to stay with this service.

  • Fill out a short survey

When we say short, we really mean short. It’s only 4 simple questions about your home and your cleaning habits.

  • Finish your shopping

While shopping, you can add or remove items to your liking. Grove Co features many brands and offers natural and nature-inspired products, so you won’t have any trouble picking something you like and use already or discover totally new brands.

Mrs. Meyer's Gift Set at Grove Co.

What can you select to come up with $20 order?

There are many product combinations you can select to get to $20 order. You can select items from Mrs. Mayer’s collection or pick something totally different and you will still get your free gift. If you add about 5 items to your cart and then get an additional 5 items free for just $20, it means that each item in your cart will average to just about $2.04 shipped and delivered to your door. The average full price for each of those Mrs. Meyer’s products is around $4-7 at Target or Amazon. This proves that your savings are absolutely out-of-this-world!

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  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Set
  • Free Shipping on Your First Purchase
  • 50% OFF Sale Products

In addition to an amazing value, many items at Grove Co are discounted, so always look out for them first to make your savings even bigger. The company carries Burt’s Bees, Alba Botanicals, and many other skincare brands too.

One other good thing about Grove Co is that their prices are not any different from Amazon or similar companies.

Grove Co. Free Mrs. Meyer's Gift Set

Can you customize Grove Co auto-delivery service?

Grove Co is a monthly auto-subscription service, but you have a lot of flexibility to cancel or delay your order. You can cancel anytime or create a custom schedule to receive supplies every few months. Every customer receives an email about 7 days before the order is ready to ship asking if everything is still according to the plan. This is your time to update and edit your cart or delivery day. We love it!

Grove Co is similar to what Amazon has to offer, but you have more earth-friendly brands in one place to choose from. If you clean often and love using some of these brands, Grove Collaborative is definitely for you with their flexible delivery, free gifts, and amazing customer service. If you think you can use their cleaning products, natural cosmetics and skincare, paper items and more, don’t wait and get that free gift just for ordering.