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Grove Collaborative. How Did I Live Without It?

Spring has passed, summer is here, and if our cleaning is not done yet, we should really get on with it. The idea of the clean house appeals to most of us, but unfortunately, the work needed to get there is not as appealing. One thing that can sometimes help with motivation is a pantry stocked with amazing cleaning supplies. Whatever it is you need for the cleaning tasks, Grove Co. has you covered.

Grove Collaborated Natural Products

What exactly is Grove Co.?

The company specializes in personalized auto-shipments of organic and natural products for home, beauty, and personal care. The products are of high quality, healthy, affective, eco-friendly, free of cruelty, non-toxic, ethically and environmentally-friendly supplied, and plant-based.

When you shop at Grove Co the first time, you become a customer of their auto-replenishment service. Grove will put new products to your cart each month.

What is there to love about Grove Co.?

  • The convenience factor

First and foremost the store brings a level of convenience to your home as you don’t have to make your way to the store just to get some cleaning supplies and other items. As you go about your daily life and notice what’s low or running out, you can make list and order them online in a matter of minutes. If not for Grove, you might have to visit a few stores to get everything you need.

Pure Castile Soap

  • Free shipping for VIP members

If you are planning to shop at the store at least a couple of times per year (how could you not?) the membership price ($19.99) gets offset by free shipping immediately. Your orders have to be above $10 to ship free. It’s worth mentioning that new customers get free welcome gifts with their first order.

Non-VIP members pay $2.99 flat fee for every order. Order minimums vary from $10 for recurring shipments to $30 for “Ship now” for non-members.

All VIP members get 4 full-size gifts per year and early access to new products that tend to sell out fast.

Grove Co. Products

  • Great brand selection

While not all the brands are completely organic and toxin-free, most of them are, so shoppers don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for natural products. Seventh Generation, Molly’s Suds, Dr. Bronner’s, Earthpaste, Acure Organics, Seventh Generation Baby, and many others are available at Grove Co. for your shopping pleasure.

  • Reminders before shipping

This might not be as important to some, but if you tend to forget what you ordered or subscribed to and when it will arrive, rest assured that Grove won’t give you any unexpected surprises and will send notifications two days before shipping.

  • Cancelling or delaying

Those two actions are very easy with this subscription service. Once you get a notification about shipping, you can log into your account and add, delete or delay the order for months.

  • Saving money

It might be easier to save money when shopping online versus in-store, but that is not always the case. Always compare Grove prices with other retailers for the best deals.

20 OFF Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative Coupons:

  • Free 6 Piece Gift Set with Orders Over $20
  • Free Shipping on Your First Purchase
  • 50% OFF Sale Products


  • Free gifts to members

As a VIP member you can get emails with offers of free candles, hand lotions, scrub brushes, and much more just to say thank you for being a loyal customer.

Grove Household Supplies

  • Damaged goods replacement

If you received something that is not in a perfect condition, give them a note and you will get replacement order right away.

  • Their own brand

Grove Co. has its own brand that includes fantastic products already, but they are continuously expanding. Some free offers include their brand items for VIP members.

  • Amazing customer service

All customers have access to a service chat, and VIP members also get their personal service rep to address any issues and concerns.

  • Price matching

This is not common for online merchants, but Grove Co. doesn’t mind. This perk is available to VIP members and all it takes is a picture with lower price sent to the service rep to get the lower price.

Grove Collaborated Box with Discount

What we don’t like about Grove Co.?

  • They can add items to your cart

This might seem helpful for people who are so busy they have no time to select their own essentials. This service, however, might seem not seem very fair to people who do their own shopping.

Grove adds items based on your previous purchases from time to time. The only way to avoid this is to check the cart when the shipping reminder comes and delete items you don’t need.

  • They are not always the cheapest

The prices are not bad, but they are definitely not the best either. If your primary concern is savings, you might be better off shopping at a few merchants, not just one.

VIP members get price match, so this becomes not as important as you can get the lowest market price anyway. The only reason to shop elsewhere becomes search for brands that Grove doesn’t carry.

Ultra Absorbent

  • Out of stock products

This might happen sometimes and it can feel inconvenient, but it’s a very rare occasion. When this happens, talk to service chat people and your issue will be addressed immediately.

  • The shipping might be slow

This depends on where you live, but in most cases the delivery takes 3-4 days and you can get Amazon in 2. The subscription part of this service can help with that because you know when will your order arrive and will be able to tailor it to your needs to make sure you never run out of anything.

Grove Cleaning Kit

What exactly is Grove? And what it is not?

Grove specializes in selling natural and environmentally-friendly household supplies, baby items, skincare, and beauty products form reputable brands, including their own. You can also find a small selection of supplements.

What Grove Co. is not is food seller. They used to be called ePantry, but the name was less reflective of its spirit and merchandise.