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Easter Celebration with Personalization Mall's Help

Easter Celebration with Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall helps me live my life in general and especially during special occasions. The last time I needed some inspiration and customization was Easter.

Easter Celebration 2021

We have an amazing group of people in our international community and we almost don’t need any reason to gather. But when there is a celebration of something, it’s always a major deal.

Easter Celebration

This Easter felt almost normal this year – no police patrolling around parks and people out and about and oh horror – without masks outside! It’s so good to see how life is getting back to normal. Sure, it might be slower in California than in Texas, but we’ll take anything at this point.

Easter Cakes

The weather was great on Easter Sunday and kids were anxious to get to the park for games with friends and some sugar rush, because what Easter can take place without it?

Easter with Personalization Mall's Help

Park outing was great and I have to thank Personalization Mall for that. I ordered so many things from them to make the day perfect for my kids and their friends and it didn’t go unnoticed for sure.

Easter Egg Painting

We had some coloring books and markers for little ones, but even my older son joined. Then it was some running around time that ended with munching on fruit and Easter buns, Russian style. Our table was decorated with Personalization Mall Easter table cloth, snacks were served on cute plates, and drinks enjoyed from gold rimmed cups. We don’t joke when we get out!

Easter 2021

Everybody loved the special touches I prepared together with Personalization Mall. We had Happy Easter banner with pom-poms and two cute carrots in the middle for everybody to know why we are here. The center of attention for kids was a little glittery tree from Personalization Mall with pom-poms, on which we hung some Kinder Surprise eggs. Everybody eventually got to them and undressed the little tree pretty nicely.

Easter with Kids

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Personalized Garden Flag for Kids’ Egg Hunt

I also ordered a personalized garden flag for kids’ egg hunt. It has both of my kids’ names and will be used for years to come. It was just $14.99. Personalization Mall offers various garden flags for graduations, spring, Mother’s day, and simple ones with family names.

Easter Egg Hunt

The biggest hit though was our custom Easter baskets from – where else – Personalization Mall. I ordered each of my sons separate ones and they both loved them. They are woven from wood, lined with plush fabric, and feature floppy bunny ears with a name on one ear. The baskets have handles that fold down for easier storage. The lining is removable and washable. All kids loved them and nobody had anything similar! Each basket is just about $20, but will serve you for years.

Custom Easter Baskets

I used all the decorations at home after our park outing. The trick is to order everything a little in advance to make sure that all the decorations and baskets arrive in time.

Custom Easter Baskets from PMall

I wanted to have everything way early and even though it takes Personalization Mall just a couple of days to make custom orders, shipping takes a few days, so I did my shopping about 3 weeks before Easter and everything arrived in time and in perfect shape.

Pmall Easter Baskets

Take this from me – if you want to impress your kids and your friends, no matter the occasion, go to Personalization Mall and get something out-of-the-box and custom made. They all will thank you and make you feel like a super mom!

Easter with Personalization Mall