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Best Personalized Easter Baskets for 2021

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Easter egg hunts this year might be limited to personal backyards, but it doesn’t mean that kids don’t need Easter baskets, and preferably cool, colorful, and personalized ones. They will be needed for eggs, chocolate eggs, decorated eggs, and whatever other goodies kids might have to collect and store later in spring and summer.

No matter what your Easter celebration is going to look like, whether it’ll be centered around religion or around nature’s spring awakening, at least a family gathering is in order, complete with surprises for kids, so needed to help them forget the pandemic. See, Easter baskets will be totally useful this year too!

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The best baskets are cute, but not overloaded with decorations; they are also roomy for all the toys and treats, but still small enough to be stored somewhere when not needed. Our advice is to order a customized Easter basket that can serve as a cute storage container for years to come.

If you buy something from Personalization Mall or Personal Creations, you know quality will be good and baskets will last for a long time no matter how many treats they will have to hold. Kids love everything that has their names of it – items like these become keepsakes and never get mixed up with other kids’ stuff. So why not treat our little ones to a personalized Easter basket this year? They have been going through a lot and really deserve something extra special. If you agree, here are three products that we love the most this year:

Easter Bunny Personalized Easter Basket with Drop-down Handle – $29.99 at Personalization Mall

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Finally, there is a basket with a drop down handle! That’s very important if you plan on using this basket after Easter, which you should because it’s so sturdy and beautiful. It’s adorned with a liner that also serves as bunny ears, complete with the name of the lucky child. The liner is plush, while the basket itself is natural wood color and woven by hand. The cover can be removed and washed, while the handle can drop down for storage. The basket features blue or pink colors and is as versatile as it gets.

Personalization Mall Easter Basket

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Kid Made Modern Egg Painting Party – $28.79 at Personal Creations

Kid Made Modern Egg Painting Party

This is way more than just a plain old Easter basket. It is not only beautiful and personalized, but also contains paint supplies for eggs real and wooden to help kids get into Easter spirit. The kit includes 12 paint colors, egg display carton, 6 wooden eggs, paint brushes, 6 tubes of glitter, glitter stickers, glue bottle, googly eyes, and sequins – everything every boy and girl can dream of for egg decoration.

And once the Easter bunny will have hopped on, the basket will serve as storage for future paints, as a picnic basket, or as a container for berries and mushrooms.

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Personalized Easter Sand Pail & Shovel – $8.99 from Personalization Mall

Personalized Easter Sand Pail & Shovel

This sand pail is awesome for Easter and equally great for the beach. Each pink, red, blue, or purple bucket is customized with the name of the child and costs just $9, which is a very low price to pay for 100% warranty against mix ups with other kids’ toys and buckets.

The pails come with little shovels included, which will shovel Easter candy just as well as sand on the beach. They are also perfect gifts for friends, especially given the price. It takes just a few days to get them, so you still have plenty of time to prepare this sweet Easter surprise for your kids and their friends!