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SingleSwag Box Review

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Let me start by saying that I am not single, which is probably why I haven’t heard about SinglesSwag #loveyourself subscription box before. But then I also don’t follow all the latest trends – that could also be the reason.

I don’t believe in stereotypes, so once I learned that there is a box for single ladies, I decided to try it myself to satisfy my curiosity. Because you know, what could single ladies have that I can’t?

SinglesSwag Box Coupons

In general I am a big fan of subscription boxes for the same reason that I didn’t know about this SingleSwag – I am not looking for trends and don’t spend much time on beauty, but I still like to get goodies delivered right to my door without much of my involvement. So far I have tried FabFitFun, CauseBox, Macy’s Beauty Box, Birchbox, and Glossybox. So feel a little bit like an expert.

Singleswag is a monthly box that brings full size fun items for single women. The items are hand selected to boost self-confidence, make you feel good, enjoy life, and take care of your beauty in a fun way. According to their website, you can expect organic beauty products, trendy fashion accessories, snacks and delicacies, books, and more. All the goodies will be chosen for you, so your involvement is minimal. All that sounds good, whether you are married or not. In fact in my married life sometimes I would like to get away from everybody, curl up on my bed with a calorie-laden snack, and read a book that will make me feel great about myself. I wonder if they have subscription boxes like that specifically for married women?

SinglesSwag #loveyourself Subscription Box

Their website and ordering process is pretty simple. I also loved inspirational quotes at the bottom of the home page with messages to women about how you need to be chased instead of chasing and how many fish in the sea there are, so leave those distant emotionally unavailable salmon alone. Those are really fun reads!

The first step is to pick a box – regular box with 6-7 items or a petite version with 3-4 products. I went for the first one. Then you pick a plan:

  • monthly for $39.99
  • three months for $114.99 ($5 savings)
  • 6 months for $224.99 (best value)

After you select what you want, you go to payment and order your box. It’s very simple. I chose just one month to try and also had 50% off coupon, so it came out pretty nicely. SinglesSwagoffers coupons all the time – currently it’s 35% off with code ARROW for the first box. You can often find 30-35% off as a new customer, so always look for promo codes before joining.

This is what happened next: as soon as my box arrived and I opened it, I thanked God that I was married. Ladies, if being single means treating yourselves to this junk, please get married ASAP. I am kidding about rushing into marriage, of course, but you can see where I’m going with this.

Yes, it was quite a disappointment after the likes of FabFitFun and CauseBox. I can honestly say that I expected more. But let’s slow down and take a look deeper into this #loveyourself box.

They claim to deliver organic beauty products, but that was the biggest disappointment. Those two items that I got have never even been in one room with organic stuff – that was revealed after reading the label. The company also claims that the value of each box is over $200, but I will allow myself to doubt that. That’s definitely not the value I can put on the items I actually liked, which is two out of seven, at most.

This is what was included:

  • Blue Revival Knit Twist Pompom Beanie ($36 value) – this is one item that I liked and see some use for it. A lady, single or not, can never have too many hats to keep her pretty head warm and protected from winds on the dates and during strolls with her dog.
  • Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It – Life Journeys Inspired by the Bestselling Memoir ($16) – as soon as I saw Eat Pray Love on the cover I got excited because I haven’t read this book and always wanted to, but then I saw the end of the name and got disappointed. I would’ve loved the real thing much better.

SinglesSwag Eat Pray Love

  • Lily Sky 3-Piece Beaded Bracelet Set with Charms ($58) – OK, this is another item that I can put to use from time to time or let my daughter enjoy them in a few years. The bracelets are black, white, and grey, with gold accents, come packed in a nice round storing box, and include a message: you are stronger than you think. I see this message on my gym wall every morning too, so I might as well believe it.
  • StandUp Socks, I Love Me ($18) – nothing special about these socks. They are kind of tall, brightly colored, and don’t do much for my style as I am not known for running marathons in short shorts and tall socks. They feel synthetic and look like might slide down easily.
  • Heart Shaped Love Cookie – not something I would ever treat myself with, but to each its own.

SinglesSwag Heart Shaped Love Cookie

  • Manna Kadar Goddess Luxe Bath & Body Collection Refreshing Face Mist – smells good, I might end up using it, but nothing organic about it.
  • Brilliance New York Hair Couture Essential Hydration Repairing hair Mask with Argan Oil – so many words, NY mentioned, but I have never heard of this company before and again – no organic feel or ingredients. I might re-gift it to someone.

SinglesSwag Repairing hair Mask

All of this brings me to conclude that I will not become a fan of this box. Yes, I tried only one, but I tend to make my conclusions pretty fast and then it’s very hard to change my mind about stuff like that.