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Chewy.com Hummingbird Supplies

Chewy.com Hummingbird Supplies

Long gone are days when Chewy.com was known for dog and cat supplies. Now they efficiently and affordably deliver stuff for not only for those two, but also fish, reptiles, rodents, farm animals, and birds. Yes, birds! Currently our family is obsessed with birds. We are thinking about getting a parrot, but that’s for the inside. However, since we live in Southern California, the outside is teeming with wild beauties year round without any need to house them.

Hummingbird Supplies

We often get inspired by our local Orange County Rogers Gardens for everything garden and outside related. They have some amazing stuff for every season of the year.

Red Autumn Sage

During our last visit, we noticed that a big part of the nursery is dedicated to plants that attract humming birds and had all kinds of information about them, along with supplies.

Hummingbird Deals

This immediately caught our five year old future biologist’s attention.

Hummingbird Mint Plants

And so the young future biologist wanted to get everything he saw in sight – Hummingbird Mint Plants, Starflower Pentas, Chinese Lantern Plants, Monkeyflowers, Hummingbird Bush, and 10 other ones.


OK, we bought a few.

Starflower Pentas

But then his attentions turned towards countless feeders, hummingbird swings, perches, and liquid food.

Chinese Lantern Plants

That’s all fun and games, but his desires were going to rack up quite a bill, so I went to check my sources online.

Hummingbird Feeder at Chewy

And it turns out Chewy.com, one of my sources, has many of the same supplies, just a lot cheaper. Sure, sans live flowering plants, but those we covered already. And thankfully it was not that difficult to convince him to go home and do some online shopping. Because show me a 5 year old who doesn’t like shopping online these days! I know, you can’t.

Hummingbird Chewy Deals

There are plenty of choices for feeders, decorations, cleaning supplies, and even food at Chewy.com. Anybody can make hummingbird food by mixing 4 parts of boiling water with 1 part white sugar, but it’s sure nice to get it ready to use, especially for those hectic days when there is no time for anything. Just make sure you keep your hummingbird feeder clean and wash it before each refill.

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Chewy Hummingbird Supplies

Here are some examples of what Chewy has to offer for the little birds:

Kaytee Electronectar Wild Bird Food, 16-oz bottle – $8.99

Kaytee Electronectar Wild Bird Food

If you have just one small feeder, this supply will last you for a couple of weeks. It’s recommended to change hummingbird water every 3 days, but I usually keep mine a few days longer, unless it’s really hot. Just don’t fill the feeder to the top.

Pop’s Birding Company The Original Hummingbird Swing Charmed Bird Swing – $12.99

Perky-Pet Feeder

I have definitely seen hummingbirds swinging on little branches while guarding their feeders, so this makes perfect sense. It would be super cute to hang it in the hummingbird bush and watch them take a break from their busy schedule in the swing of things.

More Birds Amethyst Jewel Hummingbird Feeder, 20oz – $19.41

More Birds Feeder

This feeder is very beautiful and durable. It’s made of glass and thus stays clean longer than plastic feeders. It’s also heavier and so less likely to spill in the wind. And then, you know, the whole plastic and nature debate…

Red Carpet Studios Balloon Hummingbird Bird Feeder – $26

This is a truly red carpet experience for the birds. And since they live in California, it’s more than fitting. The feeder looks beautiful and will decorate any backyard.

Perky-Pet Top-Fill Pinch-Waist Glass Hummingbird Feeder – $16.99

Perky-Pet Glass Hummingbird Feeder

This very affordable feeder looks like standard plastic creation except it’s better because it’s not plastic. And I love the fact that it’s top-fill, which makes cleaning a lot less complicated.

Hummer’s Galore Hummingbird Feeder Bottle Brush Cleaner Set – $9.99

Finally, a very important part of hummingbird care – a set of brushes. Those can get into the smallest crevices and can clean all the black water residue to ensure that no hummingbird will be harmed by visiting your feeder.