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Celebrating Birthday at LEGOLAND California

Celebrating Birthday at LEGOLAND California

A visit to LEGOLAND, California is sure any child’s dream come true, especially if it is a birthday gift. This year is very unusual for our family. We have recently arrived in the U.S. and have been looking for the unique and off-beat venue to celebrate my son’s 14th birthday. In fact, he is crazy about Lego constructor and boasts an impressive collection of LEGI figurines and LEGO Technic sets.

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I also know that his cherished dream is to ride a rollercoaster and the best way to combine these two passions is to take him to LEGOLAND, a paradise for LEGO enthusiasts! And I was right!

Legoland Lego Ninjago

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I have never seen such a beautiful and vibrant color place where everything is so thoughtfully designed for fun and play.

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And yes, everything is made of LEGO bricks which are of different sizes, from small to huge ones.

Legoland Boat Travel

If your kids love LEGO there is no better place for them than LEGOLAND where they can customized their own Lego character, take a boat trip and travel around the world within the park.

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And, of course, there are exciting rides for kids of all ages let alone adults who are risky enough to take them.


Well, now some words about LEGOLAND hotel that we checked first when we arrived. There are two hotels, LEGOLAND Hotel and LEGOLAND Castle Hotel at the resort and they both look incredible.

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

We didn’t book accommodation and just checked the lobby and the restaurant there. My son was impressed most by the stunning collection of LEGO minifigures with a huge biker slowly moving back and forth.

Lego Huge Biker

The wheels of the bike serve as a magnifying glass that lets the guests see the minifigures better.

The lobby also features fun play area with a castle and a pirate ship to explore.

When we got our e-tickets scanned we entered the park and saw green well-groomed area.

Legoland Red Dino

A giant red LEGO dinosaur caught our eye too.

Legoland Minifigure Market

All kids love to play so we checked Minifigure Market first.

There they made their own customized LEGO minifigures and were extremely happy to receive them as gifts.

We passed LEGO Ninjago which was on the right and took a boat trip along the artificial canal surrounded by rich green foliage.

Legoland Boat Trip

The experience was similar to taking the round the world cruise as we sailed past mini versions of Big Ben and the London Eye, The Eifel Tower, the Taj Mahal Palace, The New York Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and other attractions.

Legoland the Taj Mahal Palace

Our next stop was Build a Race section of the park featuring a real size red Ferrari made entirely of LEGO bricks.

Lego Red Ferrari

Then our group split into two and the older kids went to ride the tallest and the scariest roller coaster in the park.

Legoland Imagic Photos

When they returned they demonstrated the proof of their courage: a photo taken during the steepest dive.

Legoland Miniland

Meanwhile we took younger kids to LEGO Miniland to explore the stunning recreations of Las Vegas most iconic hotels featuring replicas of world famous landmarks, including the sphinx and Egyptian pyramids, San Francisco skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, Paris, mini New York with its skyscrapers and other attractions.

LEGO Miniland Trip

For the youngest kids there is Duplo Playtown with train rides, slides and tons of other fun.

LEGOLAND Duplo Playtown

Then we took our 6 year old boys to the driving school where they successfully passed the driving test in real LEGO cars and got their first driver’s license with real photo on it.

Excited and happy the children got to the Medieval castle where we bought some ice-cream and took the photo in the knight armor.

Legoland Castle

For the most adventurous there is a splashy zone for kids and parents to play and have fun.

We boarded the pirate boat and sailed firing the ship gun at each other. Suddenly a mean girl fired at us from the shore and we got all wet). That was fun!

Other entertainment we had included lazer show, safari ride and more. And of course, we went to the Big Shop to buy LEGO constructor and other souvenirs, such as signature LEGO apparel, mugs and logo caps.

Legoland Big Shop

Unfortunately, they don’t offer personalized products with your name on, but their LEGO souvenirs are great and of high quality. My favorite store for personalized items is Personalization Mall where I order T-shirts, office supplies, exclusive gifts like towels, jewelry and more. And I always try to use a Personalization Mall coupon to save on my purchase of one-of-the-kind products. Speaking about the coupons, my friend Mariya used Merlin Annual Pass to get 10% off her purchase at LEGOLAND Big Shop.

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So make sure you use it too when purchasing gifts there. An interesting fact, they don’t accept cash in the Big Store, credit and debit cards only!

Lego Big Store Shopping

We spent 5 hours in the park and got really tired when it was closed.

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The elder son said that it was the best birthday ever and we need to visit this park again one day.

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Five hours is not enough to embrace all the activities and attractions LEGOLAND has got to offer.

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We all are looking forward to visiting LEGOLAND soon as there are many other activities and shows worth experiencing.

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Until next time, the Land of LEGO!