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Best Kids Backpacks for 2020

Best Kids Backpacks 2020

It’s July and back-to-school sales are about to start. Sure, it will be very different this year as schools are still debating whether to open or not to. With COVID-19 cases rising steadily, chances are that at least some will remain closed. If schools are closed, backpacks and other supplies might seem not as important.

On the other hand, kids will be learning one way or another. And what better way to encourage the school spirit and get them excited than by buying new supplies? Motivation is key for learning, be it from home or while at school. Experts are beginning to say that parents should do all they can to mimic life as it used to be and as it will be again one day.

This is why school supplies should take front stage. Granted, maybe don’t rush to buy 24 tubes of Elmer’s glue right away, but a new set of markers, a pencil pouch, and a nice backpack are definitely in order. Children will need a place to store their files and notebooks even if virtual learning will commence at home.

Finally, cute backpacks can be used for hiking, sleepovers, and mom-organized field trips. Simply put, get them a new backpack and watch their eyes light up. After all, many kids won’t have normal schooling this semester and thus every opportunity to celebrate learning should be seized. So let’s get that celebration started with a new backpack!

We love these five this summer and so will you:

LEGO Brick Backpack – $49.99 at LEGO store

LEGO Brick Backpack

This is an ultimate backpack for an ultimate LEGO lover. It is made of recycled materials and is fun to use. It has two round outer pockets made in stud style. The main compartment is large and will fit all books for school. The zippers are LEGO bricks and the shoulder straps are ergonomic for comfort.

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The backpack features reflective detail all around. The backpack comes in many colors and each saves 11 water bottles from landfills. LEGO is always in with kids and thus LEGO backpack will always be in style, which is the most important detail of all.

Ryan’s World – $59.99 at Walmart

Ryan’s World Backpack

Ryan’s World has been ruling the world for the last two years now and all kids want a part of that. This is why you now have Ryan’s World clothes, bedding, accessories, and even school supplies. It all started with surprise eggs and exploded from there.

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The backpack is not cheap, but surprisingly high quality. There is even a hidden cape for all the heroes out there! It is made of polyester, features sturdy straps and two pockets. Give your child a gift of Ryan and he might hit the books with extra inspiration!

Personalized Stephen Joseph backpack – $29.59 from Personalization Mall

Personalized Stephen Joseph backpack from Personalization Mall

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your name on stuff if you are a kid. Heck, I am adult and I still like seeing my name on things!

Stephen Joseph backpack

For the ultimate going back to school experience consider ordering personalized backpack from Personalization Mall and make it one-of-the-kind. You can choose the color of embroidered name and the font. It is displayed front and center and definitely catches attention.

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Personalized backpack from Personalization Mall

The backpack is equipped with zippered side pouch, adjustable straps, drawstrings, and magnetic flap closure on top. It is made of cotton and polyester in quilted pattern, so is easily washable. Let the spills begin!

Crocodile Creek – $29.99 at Barnes and Noble

Crocodile Creek backpack from Barnes & Noble

This line of affordable backpacks from B&N is very popular among kids and their parents. They come in many colorful designs and feature convenient pockets and a pouch for drinking bottle. This goes to show that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.

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Crocodile Creek backpack with lunch box

You can also get a matching lunch box to go along with the backpack for the full experience. It might even be fun to eat lunch at home from the box like this if life comes to that!

Rocket SC-2 – $34.99 at eBay

Rocket SC-2 backpack

Nothing comes even close to the cuteness of this backpack as far as a young space explorer is concerned. It features hard shell and a window for a favorite teddy to take along to the moon.

The backpack is geared towards younger children, of course. Plastic shell is spill proof and requires just a quick wipe if it gets stained. The backpack looks so futuristic that it is going to get sold out fast, no doubt about that. Don’t wait a minute if you think your child would like it!

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