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Best Gift Cards for College Graduates

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Many families have somebody graduating from elementary or middle school, getting bachelors or master’s degrees or completing some other level of education. While we end up learning all our lives long, the formal end is of utmost importance and a cause for celebration. Graduation is also a great time to give that special student a gift. The safest bet would be a gift card to let the graduate in your life pick whatever he or she likes.

Gift Cards

Here is a list of 10 gift cards, all from National Retail Federation’s list of Top 100 Retailers. The most important criterion is the ease of buying and using every single one of our picks:

Visa Gift Card or Mastercard Gift Card

Get your loved one any amount you want on these gift cards and he or she will be able to spend it anywhere. They can buy new attire for the new job, a plane ticket for a vacation or a trip home, or use it for a down payment for a new place to live.

Ann Taylor or Men’s Warehouse

All new college graduates have to face a totally new life, which often comes with new dress code. Whether he or she will work in the office or in manual work force, some special attire might be expected. Even companies with relaxed dress code might have some suggestions. A gift card from both of these stores should cover all dressing needs.

Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy

For those graduates who are getting to work in the relaxed office atmosphere or moving to another level of education, any of those stores will have what they need. All three of those stores belong to the same family, so all the cards are interchangeable and flexible.

Macy’s or Nordstrom

Both of those stores will have not only plenty of apparel to choose from, but everything needed for a total makeover. Graduates can get clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare, and underwear. In addition to such things, your newly minted adult can buy many other products needed for life – waffle irons, dinner plates, glassware, and vacuum cleaners. This is why department store gift cards are really good.

Gift Cards with Discount

JC Penney or Kohl’s

If you want to make sure that your graduate gets the most for your dollars, get them a gift card from either one of these retailers. These discounted department stores offer more for less. Your graduate can get bedding, towels, dishes, and many other things for home. Some other things that can be very useful are shoes, clothing, and luggage.

JCPenney Gift Card

Target or Walmart

Both of those stores have everything anybody might want and need, even more than traditional department stores. Everything from clothes to pots and from housewares to fitness equipment and towels can be found at Target and Walmart. Gift cards can also be used for groceries, toiletries, and even prescription medication.

Walmart Gift Cards

Bed Bath & Beyond

This store is best for those graduates who are moving away from home, but even the ones staying close might feel like renewing a thing or two, so gift them the gift that keeps giving. Bed Bath & Beyond has everything a fresh graduate might need for a brand new city studio apartment or a little ranch style house in the suburbs.

Amazon, Best Buy and Apple

It would be hard to find a student or a recent graduate who wouldn’t want a cool smartphone, MacBook or a trendy camcorder. Any of those three gift cards will help him or her exit school in style. Everybody is destined to find something of use in those stores, even if the newest gadgets are not their thing.

$25 App Store & iTunes Gift Card

iTunes, Google Play or Xbox

When all the exams are in the past, it’s time for some relaxation and entertainment. Gift cards from those stores can by some cool music, apps or some gaming. This type of downtime is vital for tired people everywhere, so let them take that well-earned break with your gift card.

Walmart Gift Card Center

Sephora or Ulta

If you have a young woman that is graduating, rest assured any of these two cards will make her very happy. She can feel like a smart princess with freshened look, complete with new fragrance. She can even get a total makeover for a new start in life. You might just help her take over the world with a gift card from Ulta or Sephora.

Ulta Beauty Gift Card

Finally, if none of those cards quite cut it for you, consider giving something local. You might be very well aware of what he or she likes, if they have any hobbies, or if they have a favorite hangout. The only advice – the card should be easily redeemable and given in time before they hit the highway to never come back.