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BattlBox Mission Brief: 68

BattlBox Fall Box

BattlBox collection in our house is growing and my boys are happy, all three of them, and that includes my husband. This outdoor surviving subscription box is amazing for families with adventurous spirit. My two sons and husband are exactly that – they love their wilderness and outdoorsy activities. I can live without all that, but sometimes I don’t want to miss on an adventure too.

BattlBox Mission Brief: 68 Box

Getting BattlBoxes with expert selected products and gear has been amazing.

BattlBox Mission Brief: 68 Offers

We love to use everything we get, but are not too crazy about shopping for stuff like that ourselves. And why should we if we can get everything hand-picked, tested, and delivered right to the door by the BattlBox?

BattlBox Mission Brief: 68 Deals

The basic box costs just $29.99 per month, but you can go hard core and get the Pro Plus for $159.99. I ordered the Pro for $109.99 per month + shipping and handling.

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BattlBox Basic

Our box includes gear serious enough for camping, hiking, and spending lots of time in the great outdoors – sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, knives, portable stoves, and much more.

BattlBox Pro Plus

My men have a growing collection of everything that we get and because of that they always want to go on various trips. I can definitely say that getting BattlBox and Think Outside Box for kids has helped us spend time away from screens and bond as a family, so we will continue with both of them indefinitely.

This is what Mission Brief 68 brought us:

Battltac Molle Gear Pouch – $9.95

Battltac Molle Gear Pouch

You can use this little pouch for ammunition, knives, radios, first aid kits, and whatever else might need secure storage and quick access. You can add more pouches and even a Molle belt for expanded storage.

Blaze Defense BD240 Fireade MK5 – $21.99

Blaze Defense Fireade

This device is very small, but it will extinguish any small fire right away. It’s easy to use with finger loop design and fits anywhere, so you can have a few of them stashed in your car, camping equipment, home, and backpack. It’s great for spot fire, but if you’ll encounter a bigger blaze, you might need a few of them. It cools surfaces in addition to suppressing the flames.

Hot Snot Fire Starter – $12.95

Hot Snot Fire Starter

Forget bulky fire starter liquids and take this little tube instead. The funny name ‘snot’ can be life saver in wet environment when fire starting is challenging or when you are just not that good at it even in dry conditions. If I were to go camping by myself, I would take this without any doubts.

Kitfox Design Group Southern Survival 6×6 Patch – $12.99

Kitfox Design Group Southern Survival Patch

This PVC patch not only looks good, but has been tested and is made by Sara Westman, CEO of Kitfox Design Group. The company is BattlBox’s favorite female-owned technical illustrator and thus proudly supported.

Southern Survival Screwgate Climbing Carabiners – $22.99

BattlBox Carabiners

You can climb just about any rock and tree with these lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy carabiners that can withstand 5500lbs force and not break. They have serious load bearing capacity and screw gate locking system, which allows for 60 degrees gate opening thanks to their D shape.

Southern Survival 5L Mil-Spec Jerry Can with Spout – 69.99

Battlbox Southern Survival Can

Every adventurous and even less so man ought to have a gasoline canister. The canister should be like this one – slim, sturdy, red, with long spout, heavy duty, and compact. You will never have any problems refueling anything anywhere with this gasoline canister in hand.

Raptorazer MANO Knife – $99.99

Raptorazer Knife

This knife kit will render all other knives in your life obsolete. It comes with a comfortable T-grip handle for any kind weather and gloved or bloody hands not to lose control. It features extra-long index finger extender, so you can always feel where the tip of this super sharp knife is and guide it.

Raptorazer MANO Knife Blade

It comes with a Phillips screwdriver for easy blade changes, 3 MANO blades, one 5” blade, and 7” coarse tooth saw blade.

Raptorazer MANO Knife Blade

It’s absolutely the best knife any hunter or camper can have!

Total valaue of this box is $250 and for us it’s priceless, because we could never find such cool things ourselves. Thank you again, BattlBox!