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Art and Craft Stores are Getting Closed by Law Enforcement

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As more and more states are entering shelter in place orders, only essential businesses are to remain open. In the eyes of the business owner every business is essential, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

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One good example is events in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, where Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, JoAnn, and some CBD stores opened up for customers as essential businesses and had to be closed by police a few hours later.

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The situation is likely to happen in many other states. California, for example, has been under shelter in place orders for 2 weeks now, but others, like Georgia, are only now entering this phase of protection from corona virus, so confusion is very likely. What’s essential and what’s not besides hospitals, grocery stores, and shelters can be very subjective.

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If business owners have questions, they should reach out to their governor’s office for clarification or talk to other local authorities seeking guidance. The best course of action for us, customers, is to avoid all the unnecessary interaction and stay home.

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Understandably when locked in the house, we need entertainment, and arts and crafts stores cater to that need, but it’s not essential enough to go the physical store for supplies. The argument that Hobby Lobby and similar businesses have is that they sell supplies for masks, educational materials, and products needed to run home businesses.

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That’s all good, but let’s keep in mind that all craft stores have websites and we can order what we need online to be delivered. Yes, it will take a couple of days longer than just going to the store, but this sacrifice is needed for flattening the curve of COVID-19 cases and for protection of the most vulnerable individuals in our society.

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If this is not followed, all the school closings will be fruitless and we will still get sick and die by thousands.

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Hobby Lobby CEO’s wife Barbara had a vision from god telling her to keep stores open during this corona pandemic, but state officials don’t always necessarily with that.

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God or no god, we have internet now and a way to get what we need shipped right to our doors via UPS, FedEx, and USPS. This type of staying open despite order to close might hurt businesses in the long run and make them lose customers’ loyalty, so let’s not tempt that and stay closed if we have to.

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Hobby Lobby is ready to do business online as well and features great deals and discounts to make our shopping more pleasant.

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They offer 40% off one regular priced item and 50% off select spring shopping products. See, we can survive this time and still do crafting without getting ourselves and Hobby Lobby employees sick.

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Similar strategies are being implemented by Michael’s and JoAnncoupon codes, discounts, and deals on shipping.

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All is required from us and from businesses at this difficult time is patience and understanding that these orders are in place to protect all of us. So let’s get online and get our crafting supplies with dignity!

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