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Alltrue Summer Box 2022 Review

Alltrue Summer Box 2022

Summer is drawing to the end and it’s nice to treat yourself to some gifts that would lift your spirits and make you a little bit happier. When I receive an Alltrue box it’s always anticipation of a nice surprise and they have never disappointed me so far. Starting this fall Alltrue are going to return to seasonal boxes, but, to be honest, I was happy to receive it every month throughout the summer.

This month the packaging design and the box exterior look identical to that of July’s. In the postcard the company admitted including new and past most popular products and it was good, because I really wanted to try some of the products that were not included in the previous box. Now I have a chance to get it all!

Alltrue Summer Box Offers

So, let’s go down to unpacking and check what they’ve put inside. What a delight to unpack the box just shipped. I always feel myself like a child unwrapping the Christmas gift delivered by Santa in person. This time the contents of the box is the following: Rose Facial Mist by Scentuals, a pair of moisturizing gel socks by Barefoot Scientist, a pair of hair ties, a set of two market totes by GUUD, 3 pack of reusable gift-wrapping cloths by ToTheMarket, a scarf by ONAM and a woven decorative tray grafted by Qalara. Well, the box has got everything covered, from beauty products to elegant accessories, home goods and interior décor.

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I usually start with testing the beauty products first. I’m obsessed about trying new skin care products and discovering new brands. So, the first product my hand reached for is Rose Facial Mist by Scentuals.

Rose Facial Mist by Scentuals

Rose Facial Mist by Scentuals

The bottle is pretty large, 120 ml, so it’s sure to last for a while and it’s a big plus. I hate getting those mini versions of full-size products that finish in a week. The product smells of rose, but the smell is not artificial and fades away quickly. You don’t need to worry that it will mix with your perfume or will be too annoying. It contains 100% natural products and is enriched with hyaluronic acid everyone is praying for. Ingredients are really all natural, including Rose Flower Water, Organic Aloe barbadensis Leaf Water, Witch Hazel Hydrosol, Vegetable Glycerin, Radish Root Ferment Filtrate and Lactobacillus & Coconut Fruit, Potassium Sorbate, Rose damascene Flower Oil, Rose Geranium Oil and, of course, Hyaluronic Acid.

I like to spray the facial mist in the morning after cleansing my face. I rarely use serums or creams in the morning, especially in the summer months, as my skin quickly gets oily. This mist is an ideal addition to my morning skincare routine because it provides the right level of hydration without being too heavy. After using it for over a week I also noticed some brightening effect two! I highly recommend it. My skin loved this mist!

Moisturizing Gel Socks by Barefoot Scientist

Moisturizing Gel Socks

It’s a real indulgence to wear these socks after a busy day. For the best effect wear them after soaking your feet in a warm tub and scrubbing them. The socks also have a cooling effect and help relax after a hard day on your feet.

Gel Socks by Barefoot Scientist

In the morning your feet will be thankful for this treatment. Even after the first use the skin became softer and smoother. It’s great that I can wear the socks up to 12 times to achieve long-lasting effect.

A Pair of Hair Ties

Pair of Hair Ties

Any woman with long hair will find these hair ties useful. You can use them in different ways to style your hair. Sometimes I wear them together because the colors match, sometimes I wear them separately. But the color scheme is just perfect for my auburn hair and would say even more: these colors match any hair color.

Market Totes by GUUD

Market Totes by GUUD

Alltrue managed to surprise me with these. I loved them so much that I took them both with me to do some grocery shopping the next day. These pop color tote bags serve as nice accessories too. I also like the unique design and the original idea. I do know that it’s trendy to have those net tote bags. But have you seen many people carrying bags like that from the store? I didn’t. But I like to be the person with unique style, and I like to stand out among the crowd. If you are like me, you are going to love them as much as I do! Besides, they are going to last much longer than paper bags you usually get at the local grocery stores.

Reusable Gift-Wrapping Cloths by ToTheMarket

Reusable Gift-Wrapping Cloths

Now I won’t have to buy any wrapping paper to pack the gift. Wrapping cloths look and feel much better and are reusable which means they are good for environment. It’s a great sustainable choice as it helps decrease unnecessary waste. The more we can reuse the product the better it is for the nature.

A Scarf by ONAM

Scarf by ONAM

Tender white flowers on the black background is a nice variation of the classic black and white color scheme that will match any look. It will be a must have accessory for the colder months. Lightweight and beautiful, it will look great with biker jackets and coats. Can’t wait to show it off with my fall looks.

A Woven Decorative Tray Grafted by Qalara

Woven Decorative Tray

Made with 100% banana bark this decorative tray is sure to add authentic twist to any home décor. You can place fruit on it and place the tray as a centerpiece on your kitchen table or display it on the table in the living room. The product is hand made by Indian women artists. It should be kept away from the fireplace, radiators or bright sunlight.