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6 Things to Buy Only on Black Friday

Black Friday Specials

Black Friday is over a month away, but you can hear it coming. The hype, the anticipation, the predictions! We might love it or hate it, but the low prices are undeniable, so be ready to hit the stores in person or on your computer if you care about savings at all.

Best Buy is kicking off some prices for TVs that are guaranteed for Black Friday, so expect a refund if it gets any cheaper. Given this offer and many others, it seems that waiting for Black Friday itself becomes meaningless, right?

Walmart Hisense 65" Class 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Wrong! Despite early hype some products and product categories still see sharp price reduction on Black Friday, November 28th this year. Let’s take a look at those products that we recommend waiting for with some early exceptions when early deals are as good as Black Friday.

Amazon gear

All. Of. These. Yes, all of these will be discounted:

  • Fire TV streamers
  • Fire tablets
  • Kindles
  • Echo smart speakers and displays
  • The new Echo Show 8
  • Echo Dot with Clock, which is already $10 off

Most of these devices go on sale very often, sometimes monthly, but definitely around holidays, so you should never pay full price for them. The question is not if there will be discounts on Amazon gear, but rather how big. Will Amazon match its own offers for Prime Day on Black Friday? We think that definitely so, making the wait worthwhile.

Apple iPad and Watch

Macys Apple Watch Series 4

Apple goes about Black Friday a bit differently than others. They don’t offer $ or % off, but instead they give gift cards with purchase. Expect to get $50 gift card with the Watch purchase or $100 for new iPads. Both of these products had some interesting developments this year – they both went on sale right after releases and discount prices are now regular prices. This all points to the fact that Apple might not want to discount those products any further, but we now that other retailers will.

Macys Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch Series 3 should be less than current $199 and iPad 9.7 should go for less than $249. There will be discounts on newer products too, but it’s always good to get deals on those flagship products.


Philips 55" Class 4k UHD Smart TVs

TVs are always cheap on Black Friday, everywhere. The most likely suspects in the discounted TV category are LG OLED models, Vizio M and P series, and TCL Roku TVs. Granted, there are some discounts all year long, but nothing beats Black Friday still.

Walmart Hisense Roku TV

TVs are often doorbuster deals for many retailers, but usually available for small quantities and for low-end models. They still get you in the door and then you can enjoy discounts on better models. Some online deals are already starting up, so keep your eyes open. We are looking at you, Best Buy.

Visio V-Series 50" 4K HDR Smart TV


Best Buy Promotions:

  • 20% OFF Regular-Priced Items
  • Free Shipping for Orders $35+
  • 50% OFF Clearance Electronics


Video games and game consoles

$20 OFF Pre-Owned Game Consoles

Those deals are usually so plentiful it’s hard to keep up with them all. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox are all prime suspects for 2019 Black Friday crazy deals too, which include bundles with games. Many new games are released in the fall and then they get discounted for Black Friday, making those months the best for game stocking up. Most games debut at $60 and see $15-$25 off discounts just in time for holidays on Black Friday.

Nintendo Switch Gaming System

If you are in the market for the newest games and titles, get them on Black Friday because right after that the prices go back up as games are very much desired as gifts and there is no reason for retailers not to charge premium price for them during Christmas shopping frenzy.