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Valentine's Day Chewy Goodies

Valentine's Day Chewy Goodies

New Year is long gone even though it seems the fireworks were just here, and Valentine’s Day is approaching faster than we expect. This year, besides flowers and candy for our human loved ones, we should definitely spoil our furry kids. And the reason is very simple – we have been through a lot together lately. And those of us who survived quarantines and masks so far deserve treats and all the gifts imaginable.

Valentine's Day Chewy Gifts

While gift giving is easy for humans as all the stores turn pink and red right after the New Year, buying something special for your pets might not be that simple. In addition to grocery stores and malls, you would have to visit specialty pet supply retailers and who wants to do that with all this corona flying around? I certainly don’t!

Valentine's Day Chewy Deal

Since I am not crazy about shopping at traditional pet stores, this year Chewy has been my savior. Chewy is probably the biggest online pet store and as such features the most brands and thousands of products for all kinds of pets, not only dogs and cats. The store is relatively young and already famous for their low prices, fast free shipping, and legendary customer service – think hand written cards and artist made surprise oil paintings of pets. While I haven’t gotten an oil painting just yet, I have always found what I needed and more. And the best part – most of my orders showed up at my door next day. How cool is that?

Now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I went to Chewy.com to find toys and treats for my Marlo for about $50. I got a whole bunch of things for this amount and received my box the next day. Marlo was very happy and I felt very good about spoiling him as a thank you for his patience through ours and kids’ learning and working from home.

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This is what $50 can get you at Chewy, besides free shipping:

American Journey Peanut Butter Recipe Grain-Free Oven Baked Crunchy dog biscuits – $3.14

Chewy Oven Baked Crunchy dog biscuits

Almost 3,000 customers liked these, so I decided to give them a try too, even though I like making treats for Marlo myself. I feel really good about the fact that they are grain-free. Marlo feels great about the taste, so it’s happiness for both.

2 Bones and Chews Pig Ear Chews – $1.59

Chewy Pig Ear Chews

This treat was my last dog’s favorite thing in the world, so I like buying them for Marlo as well. They are nothing more but dried and smoked pig ears that crunch decadently and smell heavenly, for Marlo that is. It takes a few minutes to eat one and thus his bliss is prolonged.

Frisco Valentine Cupid’s Arrows Rope and Squeaky dog toys, count of 3 – $8.98

Chewy Frisco Valentine Cupid’s Arrows

Frisco is my favorite brand for dog toys and Chewy always has a huge choice of them.

Frisco Valentine Cupid’s Arrows

This set consists of three rope toys, which are totally loved by Marlo any time of the day. If I know him at all, he will destroy the plush part soon, but will enjoy the ropes for a long time.

Hyper Pet 4 Pack of dog balls, pink – $5.95

Hyper Pet Dog Balls

Tennis balls big or small are not Marlo’s favorites, but I still wanted to have a few small ones to take along on our off-leash walks to teach him to fetch. My success remains to be seen, but the balls are definitely small and cute.

Frisco Valentine Rose Bouquet Plush Squeaky toy – $9.98

Frisco Valentine Rose Bouquet

Three roses come wrapped in a plush scrunch paper and are ready for some serious chewing, which is going to be a shame, because the toy is super cute. I wouldn’t mind to get flowers like these myself come Valentine’s Day.

Busy Buddy Jewel Pop Treat Ring Dispenser Tough Dog chew toy – $5.95

Busy Buddy Jewel Chew Toy

This toy immediately caught my daughter’s attention and she announced that Marlo can have the treats, but she needs the engagement ring itself. I hope she will change her mind because Marlo can definitely use a tough toy like this in relation to being a very proper tough chewer himself.

Frisco Valentine Box of Chocolates Hide & Seek Plush Squeaky Puzzle toy – $12.98

Frisco Valentine Box of Chocolates

This type of toy is our favorite. Marlo enjoys looking for hidden small toys inside and kids love hiding them there again and again.

Frisco Valentine Box

For the price of one we pretty much get 4 toys, which last for a long time because how quickly can you destroy 4 toys? Frisco always rocks and so does Chewy!