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Top Halloween Trends 2019

Halloween Promotion 2019

Halloween is not right around the corner yet, but it’s the prime time to think about your costume if you want to be ready and avoid last minute stress.

Happy Halloween

Playing dress up or not during this holiday is your choice, but if you want to have fun and treat the kids with festive attitude, you better dress up.

Halloween Decorations Outdoor

It’s definitely not too late to start making plans and brainstorming ideas for your costume. eBay is here to help you find out what’s popular and what’s trending right now to make sure that you are staying current and don’t lose in Halloween costume contests.

Bumblebee Halloween Costume

Classic superheroes and storybook characters are always hits, but every year new costumes for kids, adults, and even pets emerge based on politics and movies.

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Every Halloween we see a lot of Star Wars characters, such as Han Solos and Yodas, everlasting Minnie and Mickey, and Mario and Luigi always make an appearance. Lions, pandas, and superheroes make pets look cute and sometimes ferocious.

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Adult Halloween Costumes

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular costumes for this year, and can either avoid them to stand out from the crowd or get them to fit in – up to you:

What are the trending costumes for adults?

  • Batman

Batman Halloween Costumes

  • Frozen princesses

Frozen 2 Halloween Costumes

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Star Wars

Star Wars Halloween Costumes

  • French Maids
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Wonder Woman

Women Halloween Costumes

  • Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume at Walmart

  • Men Superheroes

Spiderman Halloween Costume

  • Spiderman

Unicorn Halloween Costumes at Walmart

What are the best costumes for pets this year?

  • Superman for dogs and cats

Superman Costumes for Dogs and Cats

  • Lion mane wigs
  • Panda

Costumes for pets

  • Batman

Costumes for Pets from Petco

  • Office Necktie

Cat and Dog Halloween Costumes

What about the Halloween décor and accessories?

Happy Halloween Decor

One sure way to stand out is to make your own costume and decorations. eBay has a big selection of supplies for all your DIY Halloween projects. The online marketplace is also excellent for various decorations to make your yard spooky and your party murderous with various indoor and outdoor décor pieces at affordable prices.

Halloween Pirate Skeleton

Halloween is no joke because nearly half of all Americans usually celebrate, and probably an even bigger percentage of families with kids. These numbers can illustrate the size of the industry and the amount of people looking for costumes, so understandably the closer you get to the day, the more costumes will be sold out. This is why getting your outfit early is essential if you want to have a good variety and sizes for choosing.

Witch Figurines

If you don’t want to spend time wondering through the stores looking for and comparing, you can always shop online at Amazon and eBay for the best deals and as early as you feel like.

Scary Halloween Masks

There is one other trend worth talking about – scary costumes for kids as little as 3 years of age. This is a bit of controversy for some parents because those heroes are not worth following. Let’s take a closer look:

Costumes from violent video games and movies are questionable for adults, let alone kids. Chucky, Pennywise the Clown, Freddy Krueger, Billy the puppet from Saw, Zombie Cheerleader, Jason Voorhees, and others are all available in kids’ sizes, and frankly, maybe they shouldn’t be.

Pennywise Halloween Mask

The movies are rated 18, so how come costumes are OK for 3?

Halloween Masks 2019

There have been examples of violent influence these characters can have on very impressionable kids. In 2014 two girls, both 12, knifed another 12 year old girl in the woods in Wisconsin. What is the motive for such a violent act on Payton Leutner, according to Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier? They said they did it to show their loyalty to a Creepypasta Wiki personality Slender Man who otherwise could harm their families. The little girl survived after a long recovery period, but her psychological wounds will never heal.

Spirit Halloween Adult Halloween Costumes

There are Slender Man costumes for sale online for a few years now and they are popular because they are simple – black skinny one piece suites and featureless blank faces.

Scarry Halloween Costumes

There are sinister ideas underneath the unassuming exterior as this horror character stalks, abducts, and traumatizes children. While that might be fit for adults, we think that children should have no business with such costumes. Old fashioned ghouls and skeletons should be scary enough. This is why it might not be safe to follow every trend and it always makes sense to use your own judgement before following the popular culture or letting your kids do that.

Halloween Dog Skeletons

Some other costumes, like cheerleaders, schoolgirls, and Harley Quinn show a lot of flesh, absolutely more than they should be showing, so before buying those costumes also consider where your child will be going and who will be seeing her wearing it. Halloween is one of those nights when all kinds of real sneaky creatures get out and about. The same goes for Anne Frank or dirty old man costumes that might be offensive to many people. Our final advice is to always use common sense and stay out of trouble on Halloween and beyond.

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