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Tips on Getting Ski Clothing and Gear

Ski Clothing and Gear with Discount

Normally I thoroughly plan my vacation weeks ahead, from places to stay to things to do. But this time my friends suggested spending a week in Poland three days before the trip and I agreed. I’ve never been to Poland before and I was looking for a chance to see this country and meet those wonderful people who work hard to provide shelter to Ukrainian refugees.

Ski Outfits

So, we packed our bags and arrived in Warsaw. Initially we planned on visiting the two major cities: the capital of the country and Krarow, the cultural cradle of Poland. But when we found out that there is a nice ski resort not far from Krakow we couldn’t miss a chance to hit the snowy slopes of the Tatra Mountains. The main thing was to get the skiing gear. If you ski you understand that to get a really enjoyable skiing experience your gear should be comfortable and durable. I wish I brought my skiing outfit with me because it always served me right in my backcountry adventures. Luckily I ran across a nice store in the town where they offered everything you need to get on the slopes. A bright ski jacket with matching pants immediately caught my eye. Stylish and functional this outfit is lightweight and at the same time warm. But the price tag is upsetting. Last year I bought my skiing outfit twice cheaper at eBay, plus I used eBay coupon to get an .  

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In addition to outerwear you will need at least two sets of ski base layers. Having a good ski base layer which consists of a long-sleeved top plus long-john style pants is a must. I recommend buying these in Europe as the prices on products like that are rather cheap here, in Poland particularly.

Ski Goggles and Helmets

As for other ski gear like goggles, helmet and gloves or mittens there are nice offers at Poshmark and OfferUp apps. There you can find high quality ski clothing, footwear and gear from a variety of famous brands we all grew to trust. Not only are the prices at these resources are affordable but you can save even more with OfferUp promo code or Poshmark coupon.

Stylish Ski Googles

I had no choice so I splurged on a cool brand new skiing outfit plus a new helmet and a pair of stylish goggles in Poland. My friends and I stayed in a small but cozy resort city of Zakopane and we found several nice stores specializing in selling ski clothing and gear there. The customer service was excellent and a salesperson helped me choose everything I needed. Plus, I could try on every item I wanted to buy and see the whole look. Vibrant colors, quality materials and attention to detail made my look chic.

Snow Boots Offers

Honestly, I enjoyed this sort of retro shopping experience as most often I buy clothing and footwear online. Speaking about footwear, there was a nice selection of snow boots as well.

Ski Offers

Personally I refer renting skis and ski poles, but in case you feel like having your own, they are available in stores too. To sum it up, I can say that you can find really good ski outfits and gear in Europe. But savvy shoppers might rather hunt for real bargains online.