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Things To Do On New Year's Eve

Things to Do on New Years Night 2020

New Year’s Eve is not that far away and many of us are starting to think about what to do and where to go on that magic night to avoid staying at home and going to bed at 11:30, right? If you answer yes, you might be one of those people who want to do something special, but not sure what.

New Years Eve

We are here to help you make that night a little more special for you no matter what type of celebration you prefer. Take a look at this list and you might just find that last fun of 2019!

New Years Magic Night

For people who like culture related events:

Attend a concert

New Years Night Concerts

December 31st is usually busy for entertainers as they offer concerts for those who want to celebrate with a bit of music and moving with crowds. Most concerts start late enough for the band to hit the highest notes around midnight.

Visit a theater

This goes for plays or stand-up comedy shows. You can find plenty of such shows in every city and slide into New Year while doing what you like best.

Watch a movie

If lounging at the movies with some popcorn is your thing, nothings beats it as a way to celebrate the new beginning. And keep in mind that the best movies come out at the end of the year, so you will have some amazing choices.

Visit a fancy restaurant

New Years Eve in Restaurant

Most people celebrate with a bit of food, so what’s better than to go out and enjoy a fancy last meal of 2019? Most foodies would say that nothing beats that, especially if you pair it with a little bubbly.

Restaurants New Years Promotion

Try an escape room

Break Out Escape Rooms

This activity is best with a group of friends, when you can feel like together you are stealing important secrets or doing something good for the world.

New Years Night at Break Out Escape Rooms

For active people:

Go bowling

Bowling might be an old and tried staple activity, but there is something magic about the darkness, lights, music, and gaming energy on a New Year’s night!

Try ice skating rink

If you are lucky enough to have an ice skating rink in your city that is open late, consider visiting it on December 31st and meet 2020 skating on the smooth ice. After all nothing says winter like ice and ice skating kiss at midnight.

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Golfing the night away

There are plenty of indoor golfing facilities that stay open late and allow guests perfect their swing in anticipation of spring and new 2020 season.

For people who like traveling:

Visit New York City for New Year

New Years Night at New York

While not comparable to anywhere in Europe, New York is the absolute best place to meet the new 2020 in the US. You should take a spot on the side walk in or around Time Square and get ready to celebrate the night American style.

New York New Year

Party in Las Vegas

New Years Night in Vegas

This is one place where you will have no problem finding something to do to stay up late – games, casinos, live shows, fancy bars and clubs that go all night. Good luck going to bed before dawn!

For late night partyers:

Dance at a club all night long

Most clubs have special New Year programs with DJs and free drinks because of course, why wouldn’t they, when the venues are just asking to be used for New Year’s celebration with atmosphere, lights, and music?

Visit a jazz club

If live music is your thing more than dancing, consider a jazz club. They are usually open even later than dance clubs and offer great atmosphere and great music.

Choose games

Playing billiards with friends or happy strangers is relaxing and fun without too much drinking and dancing. Your body might even thank you in the first morning of 2020.