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The Best Crab Cakes in the World

Giant Crab Cake

Did I tell you that I am the biggest foodie you ever met? On my recent trip to Washington DC I was completely overwhelmed with all of my work schedule. The weather was too hot and I barely could eat anything. Until all of a sudden the weather changed drastically. I heard the loud bang and it started raining cats and dogs. The thunderstorm was so loud that adrenaline rushed into my veins. Finally I felt an extreme hunger. I was right at the center of DC. I’ve heard so much about nice restaurants they have here. I turned around trying to find a spot to hide from the rain.. And here it was..

The Old Ebbitt Grill

The Old Ebbitt Grill. I rushed inside and found myself into my own heaven. The decor around me had a museum of art feeling.

The Old Ebbitt Grill Decor

The smell of different food provoked all of my forgotten senses.  The nice waitress gave me a table and I started exploring the menu. It was full of amazing items.

The Old Ebbitt Grill Menu

Giant crab cake and the Reuben burger caught my attention so I ordered those. Let me say that this is the best Crab cake I have ever eaten in my entire life. And I order crab cakes in most restaurants that I dine. It is very minimally processed, it feels like you eat the highest quality crab meat slightly seared on a pan. No unnecessary seasonings, just the taste of pure crab meat.
It is one giant crabcake for $39. Quite expensive but completely worth it.

Ruben Burger
My other dish was Reuben burger and let me tell you it was the most unusual combo of beef and sauerkraut. Some say it is a match made in heaven. I can’t quite describe the taste. So you should definitely try it yourself. I’ve been told it’s so popular that they deliver it nationwide via Goldbelly. This service  is basically like Doordash or Postmates but nationwide. Travelers who tried Old Ebbitt Grill crab cakes or burgers can’t get them enough. So they crave them at home. It’s when Goldbelly comes in. Though it can be pricey, Goldbelly offer coupons like $15 off or $20 off.

Goldbelly Coupon $15 Off

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Also watch for their free shipping offers. When I went to Goldbelly.com I realized I could order much more than my favorite food from the thousands of restaurants. I was able to find rare items from farmers markets. Like sour cherry or gooseberries. Goldbelly has become one of my favorite sites since I accidentally got to know it from my Washington DC trip. So I don’t need to worry if I get a delicious crab cake next time at the restaurant. I can always get my amazing giant crab cakes from Old Ebbitt Grill. Through Goldbelly.