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SeaWorld New Tips for 2022

SeaWorld Tips for 2022

When you plan fun activities for the whole family it is important to choose the place where everyone will have fun.

SeaWorld 2022 Deals

This is quite a challenge, but if you love sea creatures and marine adventures SeaWorld San Diego is the place to go.

Seaworld Guest Services

Visiting this family friendly amusement park is a win-win for everyone. Kids of all ages will find the attractions they love most and parents will enjoy exciting rides and stunning sea life.

SeaWorld Food Deals

Two days ago my husband took us to SeaWorld San Diego and we had the time of our life there! He bought the tickets online and used Groupon special offer to get a discount.

Free 2022 Teacher Fun Card

By the way, if you are a teacher you can visit Sea World San Diego for free! All certified K-12 teachers in California and Arizona are eligible for a Free 2022 Teacher Fun Card.

Seaworld 2022 Offers

The park also offers one free admission for active duty military and their families. 

Sesame Place 2022 Deals

So when we arrived at the park we checked Sesame Place first.

Sesame Place 2022

It’s all new theme park designed for the youngest kids. It offers tons of fun, including exciting rides, splashy slides and the favorite flurry characters.

Sesame Street Bay of Play

Our younger son was thrilled by the attractions and I can say that Sesame Street Bay of Play is just perfect for boys who love active fun.

Sesame Place Big Birds Bistro

But if you feel like relaxing your feet a little there is a huge merry-go-round shaped like a giant jelly fish.

SeaWorld Ice-cream

After a small ice-cream break we all went to explore the interactive exhibits.

SeaWorld Touch Pools

Near the entrance we saw Explorer’s Reef with a series of touch pools.

Touch Small Fish

Here we could touch small fish, no, in fact, all you have to do is just submerge your hands into the water and the schools of fish will touch you with their little spouts.

SeaWorld Small Fish

What a nice way to make friends with these minute creatures!

Feed a Ray

Then we saw some bigger animals up close, including sea lions, and were even lucky to feed them. We also touched black and white bat rays and starfish.

Touch a ray

I lack words to describe the power of emotions you feel when you touch these amazing sea animals.

Penguin Show

Other remarkable exhibits include penguin habitat with about 400 of big and small penguins.

Sesame Street Flamingo

Probably the most scenic area in the park is flamingo exhibit.

SeaWorld Flamingo

We watched these brightly colored birds eat and walk around.

Flamingo Feeding

We had lunch at Calypso Bay Smoke House serving ribs, chicken and brisket.

Calypso Bay Smoke House 2022

There are a lot of typical amusement park attractions like face paint and glimmer tattoos too.

Calypso Bay Smoke House

Our guys are not big fans of this sort of entertainment but what they like is getting souvenirs.

Sesame Street Souvenirs

The park shop features a nice selection of personalized mugs and bracelets with Sesame Street characters ($14.99 and $11.99 each respectively).

Seaworld Personalized Mugs and Bracelets

The products offered there are similar to those you can order at Personalization Mall, our favorite store for exclusive gifts.

Sesame Street Personalized Souvenirs

Plus with Personalization Mall coupon code the cost of such special products is much less. But we bought the mugs anyway as keepsakes to remind about visiting the park.

Seaworld Personalized Mugs

After lunch we saw sea orca show and watched these graceful mammals perform incredible stunts.

Saw Sea Show 2022

Be prepared to get splashed with water during the show as the animals can jump out of the water and dive right near the front seats.

Saw Sea Orca Show 2022

But this adds even more thrill to the whole experience!  

Saw Sea Orca Show

Another must-see attraction in the park is getting to awesome underwater viewing tunnel with many shark species swimming by.

SeaWorld Underwater Viewing Tunnel

It’s a little scaring but you can have an up-close look at the fascinating prehistoric predators. 

SeaWorld Morena

After watching various marine life in aquariums we took some more water rides. For the bravest at heart there is a new Emperor, the tallest and fastest floorless dive coaster in California so far. You will plunge down and soar up in the air with your feet dangling above the track.

SeaWorld Water Ride

The coaster features numerous loops and twists, with a vertical drop of 14 stories facedown. The ride is 153 feet tall with 45 degree incline and the maximum speed of 60 miles per hour.

SeaWorld Water Ride 2022

We didn’t dare riding it and took some less adrenaline pumping rides.

Amusement Park Attractions

We spent the whole day in the park watching the wonders of the sea.

Feed a Sea Lions

We fed sea lions and bat rays, had up-close to beluga whales, polar bears, moray eels, sea turtles, sharks and penguins.

Feed a Sea Lion

There are so many things to do and to see at SeaWorld San Diego that we are sure to go there again and again.

SeaWorld Promotion

There are more shows to see and more educational animal presentations and exciting activities to enjoy for the whole family. We included Dolphin Days in our wish list.