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Personalized Sports Gifts for Kids

Personalized Sports Gifts for KidsPersonalized Sports Gifts for Boys

When parents get their child to take up some sports, they want to achieve multiple goals and as a parent of two sons I can’t but agree with this. I first read about this in “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch and before that it had never occurred to me that we actually strive for teaching them different things than just excel in particular kind of sports. In his book Randy Pausch compared getting children to play sports with “head fake” in football, where the player turns his head in a different direction from where he intends to go to mislead the opponent. Similarly, when we take kids to play sports most of us don’t want them to become professional swimmers, football or baseball players. But what we want them to learn apart from swimming or playing football is persistence, perseverance, ability to deal with adversity and stress, ability to overcome difficulties and never give up.

When kids attend sports clubs, they may feel discouraged and sometimes even want to give up training. It may happen when the child feels bored with getting to training because he has to do the drills and learn the right technique. But once he covers the basics and moves on to another step forward, sees that he has learned something he couldn’t do before he builds his self-esteem. And this is what we, parents, want him to achieve the first thing.

T-shirt with FCB logoPersonalized Soccer T-Shirt by Personalization Mall (front)

One way to encourage your child to continue doing the sports is to present him some personalized sports gear and special awards to motivate him to work harder and improve. My younger son loves playing soccer and I do encourage him from time to time. He is a big fan of Football Club Barcelona, so I got him this cute T-shirt with FCB logo.

Personalized T-shirt with FCB logoPersonalized Soccer T-Shirt by Personalization Mall (back)

I got the shirt personalized and added some personal touches like his name on the back of the shirt, his favorite player number and Nike’s logo because he loves wearing Nike sports shoes and their motto “Just Do It’ is the best inspiring phrase ever. I ordered this T-shirt that immediately became his favorite at Personalization Mall. I designed it myself and included everything that mattered for my son.

Personalized Sports BagPersonalized Sports Bag by Personalization Mall

Having a sports bag is a must and it’s cool to have a personalized sports bag. The bag you see on the photo is also my son’s and we have a series of bags with the same design, including a school lunch bag and a backpack. When I was placing my order, I applied Personalization Mall coupon to save 25% on my purchase. I usually get coupons either on their website or check coupon sites if they are not available on the official site. Rarely do I shop at Personalization Mall without a coupon, and this is one of the reasons why I keep buying from them.

Personalized Belt RackPersonalized Belt Rack by Personalization Mall

Another personalized sports gift my son is very proud of is Karate of Taekwondo personalized belt rack. I ordered it after he received his first belt. When the child reaches a particular goal through hard work it is important to give him the opportunity to showcase his awards. He needs some organized place where he can store his belts, cups and medals, because every victory is important, it’s a step for further accomplishments. And Personalization Mall offers tons of ideas for customized furniture and room décor.

Personalized CapPersonalized Cap by Lids

But not all personalized products that we have are by Personalization Mall. When I need a personalized cap, I always order it at Lids. They make awesome embroidery logos, and you can order it online or right in store.

Another great place for personalized stuff is Etsy. Here you can find lots of ideas for personalized products you can present to your family and friends. I prefer shopping for personalized holiday gifts at Etsy. I have never seen a place with a wider selection of Halloween, Christmas and Easter personalized gifts than Etsy. They have so many sellers who use different techniques and work in various styles that you are sure to find a special gift for everyone in your holiday gift list.