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Our Pumpkin Patch Visit

Our Pumpkin Patch Visit

October is for everything pumpkins in our family. And apples. And also yellow leaves, but it’s not that many of them in southern California, unless we go to Lake Tahoe, which we often do when days get shorter and cooler.

Tanaka Farms Sheep

Having an almost 6 year old in the house makes fall magic real and I happily indulge not only him, but all the rest of us too. Life is short, so why not enjoy every pumpkin and every breezy outing while experiencing it through the child’s eyes. But enough philosophy and let’s get to the core of things.

Pumpkin Patch Visit

One of the core things for my son is having his own personalized things for every occasion. Since he was very young, he loved to be different. He had to have his own personalized sand bucket, Easter basket, Christmas ornaments, water bottles, mugs, candles, backpacks, and much more. Today, since everything is about celebrating fall, he has to have his own trick-or-treat bucket and takes it with him everywhere we go.

Tanaka Farms Decorations

I am happy to report that Personalization Mall has been here for me all these years and catered to little Michael’s personalized whims all along. They have it all and he likes it all. I can attest that Personalization Mall is one of his favorite stores, even if without physical presence.

Tanaka Farms Pumpkins

This year we ordered and received the cutest bucket just in time for Halloween and for pumpkins. And it is used for way more than just candy – we take it to the beach, shopping trips, nursery visits, and pumpkin farms.

Pumpkin Patch Deals

This makes me very happy, because my small investment into this bucket is definitely paying off. And we plan using it next year and the one after. It is very sturdy, so I hope it will last through all the farm visits and ghoulish Halloween nights.

Personalized Bucket

Since Michael insists on taking his personalized bucket everywhere, it came to Tanaka Farms with us. And let me start by saying that the farm is beautiful and everything any child can possibly want.

Tanaka Farms 2021

First, there is a filed full of pumpkins big and small. Naturally, there was a John Deer tractor for climbing and taking pictures. We tested our bucket in the field and fit some nice size black pumpkins inside easily.

Tanaka Farms Fall Decorations

What I loved about this farm is variety of plants they featured, besides pumpkins.

Tanaka Farms Cilantro

There were rows of cilantro that we could pick ourselves and a nice grove of bananas.

Nice Grove of Bananas

There were some bananas hanging on the trees and it created a nice tropical contrast to pumpkin fields.

Tanaka Farms Fruits

Tanaka farm also has apples, plums, peaches, nectarines, and oranges, but it was the wrong season for all of them, otherwise a few would’ve fit nicely in our Frankenstein basket.

Tanaka Farms Pigs

No pumpkin farm would be complete without farm animals, so we visited the Barnyard to see and pet goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and alpacas.


We decided that there is nothing cuter than baby alpacas!

Tanaka Farms Sheep

Then, of course, we came to a country store that featured various fall decorations, pumpkins, rustic wall art, Halloween mugs, scarecrows, Halloween décor for outside, snacks, local honey, candy, fruit, pies, and merchandise with Tanaka Farms name.

Tanaka Farms Halloween Store

In all of that shopping and farm roaming, Michael’s personalized bucket stood out and got lots of compliments. I was happy to share that I ordered it on Personalization Mall, paid just under $30, got it made in 2 days and shipped in another 3. Besides this great deal, Personalization Mall offers sales year round and discounts that make custom shopping very pleasurable. I think I might’ve discovered a few new customers for PM.

Michael's Personalized Bucket

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Tanaka Farms Promo

Thanks to Personalization Mall, for this year and a few next, we will have a cute bucket to fit all our candy, fall shopping goodies, and toys once fall celebrations are over.

Tanaka Farms Fall Shopping