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My Honest Kind Minis Review

Kind Minis

Since we all work and I am usually busy during the day sometimes I have to eat on the go. The best grab and go food for me is a snack bar and I tried many of them, from Nutrisystem popular products like snack bars and muffins to WW chocolate bars. Since I love to try something new and experiment with new flavors, I purchased Kind Minis variety pack (36 bars) and here is my review.

My Honest Kind Minis Review

Costco Kind Minis I purchased had two flavors: Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate (18 bars) and Caramel & Almond Sea Salt. Kind Minis bars are just the right size for a bite. However, Nutrisystem bars are bigger and have more calories. Kind Mini bar has 100 calories in each and just 3 g of protein while Nutrisystem snack bars have up to 11 g of protein in each. Still, Kind Minis are gluten free, low in sodium and are an excellent source of fiber. If you love peanut butter, almond and dark chocolate their Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate will taste just great.

Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

But Caramel & Almond Sea Salt became my favorite hands down. Rich in almond and dipped in caramel, with some sprinkles of sea salt, it’s indulgence in one bite. Just the perfect balance between sweet and salt. Yummy!

Caramel & Almond Sea Salt

I purchased a pack with 36 bars at Costco and I am happy I got that much. Kind Minis turned out great lunch snacks for kids to bring to school as well. And I took these bars with me when I had to do my errands in the city and didn’t have time for lunch.

In fact, there are very many places you can get Kind Minis. Target, Costco, Amazon… so many places where you can buy them. The lowest prices for instore shopping are at Costco and Target. If you prefer to order online, I recommend first checking the official website, as you are sure to find some deals there. If you are a new customer, you can sign up to save on your first purchase at Kind Minis. For example, current promotions include 20% off plus free shipping on your subscription with Kind Minis. Not a bad offer!

Of course, most Kind Minis nut bars are available at Amazon too, but you are sure to find the biggest selection of products at kindsnacks.com.

I loved these nut bars and find them nourishing and delicious. They are not big, but it means that you can savor sweet treats without compromising your diet meal plan. Because even staying on a diet I don’t want to completely eliminate all sweet food and desserts. Instead of eating cakes, having Kind Minis for lunch is a better alternative, equally nourishing, but a way healthier.