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Michael Kors Black Friday Handbag Sale

Michael Kors Handbags

We all love Walmart and Target, but it’s designers like Michael Kors whose discounts we get really excited about. Luckily they participate in Black Friday too and offer deep discounts for stuff we absolutely love and dream about all year long!

Michael Kors Black Friday Sale

If last year is any indication, we can expect some nice discounts from Michael Kors this year too. 2018 Black Friday saw 20% off promo codes and 40% off some items. Customers loved discounted phone cases and handbags, and thus let’s hope this year won’t be worse, but maybe even better. One can dream, right?

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Michael Kors revealed the deals just a few days before Black Friday last year. The 20% code worked on hundreds of products and was applied automatically during the check-out, and so did the 40% discount.

Michael Kors Coupons:

  • 70% OFF Handbags
  • 40% OFF New in Sale

Michael Kors Black Friday Sales

We can’t bring ourselves to offer you go to physical stores in the malls simply because Black Friday can be hell. Sure, if fighting with crowds for the best deal is your kind of thrill, go for it. Otherwise shop online because of these reasons:

  • You’ll have more sizes to choose from
  • Stock options are a lot better online
  • You can shop from the comforts of your sofa
  • No reason to fight crowds

Another advice is to think ahead, decide what you will be shopping for, and make a list. This way you won’t just throw too much money away and will stay focused. Even if you will have some extra spending money, get the essentials first because the best deals on the buzziest items will go first.

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One mistake many people make is just buying stuff for the sake of buying. This way all the Black Friday savings become extra spending instead of savings on items we really need. If you care about budget, stay on track and shop smart.

Michael Kors Black Friday Promotion

Here is what you need to know about Black Friday:

What is Black Friday?

It is not very likely that you wouldn’t know that, but just in case you don’t – Black Friday started in 1930’s, when Macy’s decided to cash in on the annual Thanksgiving Parade and slashed its prices for all parade goers. Black Friday became as big as it is now only around 1980’s and since then it’s been mayhem every year, which is why we prefer online shopping.

Michael Kors Black Friday Coupon

This American tradition went to Europe with Amazon bringing it first to UK and then everywhere else. Retailers all over the world don’t mind increasing their sales before Christmas and the sooner the better.

When is Black Friday this year?

The biggest shopping day of the year is always right after Thanksgiving, on the fourth Friday of November, which falls on the 29th this year. We love shopping for clothes on Black Friday versus electronics because it seems to be a little less panic and hysteria there. Many retailers have apparel sales all weekend long and this way spread the crowds evenly over a few days, giving you some breathing room.

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