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The best savings strategy is to not shop and spend at all, but once in a while we all have to bite the bullet and do that, and when those times come, Vitacost is a place to go. Vitacost shopping experience is not only pleasant, but can be very beneficial for your budget.  Let’s explore why further.

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Vitacost is one of Kroger companies, together with tens of others. I never liked Kroger stores in Atlanta or Safeway in California, which is also owned by Kroger Corporation. I understand that new stores are nice, but I had a few bad experiences in the past with dirty stores in the South and rotten raw chicken wings right before a big party, and swore to never shop at Kroger again. I love Publix when in Atlanta, and Whole Foods, Ralph’s, and Railey’s when in California. Amazon has been fine for my online vitamin and supplement needs, until lately when stuff started arriving broken and late.

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It’s no secret that Vitacost is cheaper than Amazon and Whole Foods, but not everybody knows that you can save as much as 50% on some products! I recently bought 9 items from Vitcost and compared the exact same items with Amazon and was shocked how much cheaper everything was, and I mean everything! Yes, it took me a little more than 2 days to get my order, but since my order was above $49, I didn’t pay for shipping and definitely no $119 yearly membership fee as I do for Amazon Prime. Granted, Vitacost won’t sell me TVs, clothes, and every toy on the planet, but it will take care of many other needs and much cheaper.

Vitacost Promotion Code

Vitacost sells natural and organic products from many different categories – vitamins and supplements, beauty and health, fitness, herbs, baby care, pet supplies, diet products, natural home supplies, and much more. When it comes to all of these, the selection is more specialized and wider than at Amazon.

Whenever I shop, my main goal is to save as much as possible while still getting everything I and my family needs. So naturally, the first thing I look for is sales, coupon codes, and discounts. I have to say that this discount search on Vitacost did not disappoint me.

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First of all, as soon as I opened the website, an offer to sign up for email list and save 20% showed up. I am definitely going to do that before I have a large order. Email newsletters are the best places to find all the current and upcoming deals, sales, promo codes, and find out about exclusive events. You can also sign up for text message alerts and receive savings offers there.

Vitacost has sales going on all the time and they change every few days. The day when I was shopping, all Beauty supplies were 20% off with a coupon code, which I definitely took advantage of when I bought Dessert Essence lotion, Aura Cacia candle oil diffuser, Dr. Bronner’s lip balms, and Jason Revitalizing Vitamin E cream. All of those items were 20% off in addition to much lower prices than at Amazon to begin with.

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Today Vitacost offers 20% off select Valentine’s Beauty Gifts and 20% off select gummy vitamins and supplements. And then there is an entire section called “Coupons and Discounts”, where all deals are categorized, so you can search for best prices by category. You can also shop by current promotions, such as the two mentioned coupon codes, big savings on appliances (good for a month), BYGO 50% off Vitacost brand products, and up to 50% off health & wellness essentials.

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Then there is Vitacost wonderful clearance section, where some items are discounted so much that it’s hard to believe. Unfortunately this section tends to sell out quickly and not everything is available, but it’s worth checking it often and getting stuff as soon as it appears. I saw lots of discounted dog toys, sugar-free gum, pet food, beauty, and home items.

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Finally, the ongoing shipping discount is Free Shipping on all orders of $49 and above. While it seems like a big amount, it also provides room for getting plenty of good deals. For my $50 I got 9 different items. The same 9 items on Amazon would’ve been at least twice as much, and two Vitacost brand products wouldn’t even be available there.

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So I can say that given all those savings and great shopping experience, I might not be so much against Kroger any more, at least not against their Vitacost side of business.