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Save $20 on PeopleFinders Premium Membership at People Finders

Save $20 on PeopleFinders Membership at People Finders

People Finders Information and Facts

PeopleFinders is a company, with which help you can search information about anybody based on their personal information, such as name and phone number. The data you will find in the produced report comes from public records, but it would take you a long time to find all that by yourself.

The information you will find is accurate for the most part, fast, high quality, and cost effective. On top of that the company grants you unlimited background checks with membership.

The website is very easy to navigate and the information provided is concentrated and easily understandable. Data from data companies is always as good as the public records found, but most of the time it’s sufficient for private use. Given the spotty way of keeping records by some states, don’t be surprised to find a number of very distant relatives you never knew about or addresses of others who have been dead for 25 years.

PeopleFinders has been around since 1998 and thus possesses some valuable experience. This Californian company provides data as service and has access to some incredible amount of records and files. They look at 40 years of records when conducting a search and rarely miss anything publicly available. PeopleFinders is recognized in the industry and has received a few awards through the years, making trusting them pretty easy.


The pricing can be a little tricky, so be careful when signing up. First of all, you can have a 3-day trial for just $2.95, but don’t forget to cancel it before 3 days are up. Monthly fee for reports is $24.95. It always makes sense to look for special deals and promotions, but be careful, because some of them can end up bringing your total higher than $24.95.

There is also an offer called “Rewards”, where you will be able to do background checks for just $1, searches with assistance, look for information about yourself, and analyze your genealogy. Below in small print it says that it will cost $24.99 per month for these Rewards, so think twice if you really need that.

How does it work?

Using PeopleFinders is very simple. All you have to do is enter the name and city of a person of interest. It will generate a few results, from which you will pick your person. After submitting your financial info and the desired person’s picked name, your report about him or her will be ready in minutes.

A simple report like this will generate relatives galore with their basic information. You will also get the status of your person’s address and financial status. Evictions or foreclosures would be visible here.

A list of neighbors is also generated with their contact information. Criminal cases, old liens, judge decisions, bankruptcies, and similar information follows the list of neighbors. You can also do a check on the neighborhood and find out if there are any sex offenders residing close by.

When it comes to deciding how good PeopleFinders is, everybody’s experience is different. Membership offers background checks without limit, so you can check your own data and decide how accurate it comes back. This is probably the best way to check how good it works. Most users say that accuracy is about 95%, which is not bad at all. Reverse phone number look up is also available and this gives you a chance to see who is looking for you and who can be reported or gladly accepted. You might be surprised how many old friends can be found this way!

If you decide that subscription is not need and will serve only as your guilty pleasure, you can cancel it any time. In the meantime, nothing is better than a little information about your new neighbors, when moving to a new city, or if your kids start dating. PeopleFiinders is here for all of that and more.