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KidBox Star Wars 20off PromoGerman Shepherds can sniff good stuff from KidBox

Why KidBox is The Best Subscription Box fo Kids

KidBox CouponKidBox delivery is exciting for little ones

As I said in my first review, I ordered two boxes from KidBox to try and see if I liked them both, one of them, or none of them. The first one that we opened was Star Wars themed special edition and much anticipated as we have serious Star Wars lovers in the house, aka both of my sons.

Kidbox StarWars Special Edition PromoNicely packed and themed KidBox/

Unfortunately, the box didn’t satisfy us neither with quality, nor with design, so everything got sent back. It was time to open the second box. But before we do that, let’s remember what KidBox is altogether.

KidBox Star Wars 50% off PromoLimited Edition fashion is all about Star Wars

KidBox fashion subscription boxes come once per season and can be designed by you or by fashion experts who work for KidBox. Each box has 6-8 items, mostly fashion, but it could also be a small craft or game, especially for little kids, like my 5 year old son.

KidBox Spring BoxKidBox opening is like taking a surprising trip

I love the fact that KidBox works with many famous brands and also donates clothes for kids in need each time the entire box is kept. When it comes to keeping the box, the choice is yours – you can keep everything or just part of what you’ve received. Sending clothing and other items back is free of charge, so you won’t lose anything there.

Kidbox Spring 2020KidBox comes with a little coloring page

I was very excited about this box because I usually don’t have much time to go shopping for clothes for my boys, but now we have corona virus situation, and I don’t want to leave the house at all. Even after all this isolation and quarantine are over, I will always enjoy ordering things online and getting them delivered to my door.

KidBox for BoysAll of this is just from one KidBox

KidBox also offers an element of surprise for my young son, making trying new clothes less of a chore and more of a pleasure. At the end of the day I will be a happy camper if I find something nice for my kids to wear, do it at my house in safety, and support kids that are in need of clothes. It seems that KidBox can offer all that and I can even choose a charity that I want them to donate to.

KidBox DiscountsCute rubber bands for boys from KidBox

Each box for kids has 7-8 items and costs $98, making each item worth about $15. Boxes for babies have 5-6 items in them and cost about $68 or around $12 per item. Each item in the box shows retail price and individual price. If you choose not to keep the whole box, you will be charged individual item prices for those items that you do keep.

KidBox Spring DiscountYou know exactly what you are getting from KidBox

It always helps to look for coupons, especially for the first time customers. I was able to use 50% off coupon and saved a nice chunk of cash this way.

KidBox PromotionPersonalized letter from KidBox creators

This is what we received in our second customized KidBox for my son Michael (the prices are individual or what you would pay if sending something back):

  • KidBox boys color blocked windbreaker ($20) – we loved the grey, navy, and emerald color combination. The jacket is perfect size and great for Californian beaches in spring.

KidBox boys color blocked windbreakerColor block windbreaker from KidBox

  • Tommy Hilfiger boys adjustable waist logo jogger ($29) – my little boy is very slender, so many pants for his age tend to be lose around the waist, but not these jogger pants. For this reason alone I like them and the comfort they provide for my son, who loves being active.

KidBox Tommy Hilfiger boys joggerTommy Hilfiger collection from KidBox

  • Tommy Hilfiger boys logo zip-up hoodie ($33) – this hoodie feels soft and warm, not to mention stylish. I know Tommy Hilfiger clothes cost more than that, so we enjoy the value we are getting with it.
  • Appaman boys headphone smile top ($30) – this long-sleeve shirt is bright and very cool, perfect for little cool boys like my 5 year old. I can see him wearing it a lot this spring.

KidBox Appaman boys headphone smile topSmiley face or headphone face?

  • Art + Eden boys organic cotton jogger ($30) – as soon as I hear organic cotton, I immediately like the item, unless it doesn’t look very good. These are stylish, soft, and natural – all wins in my book.

KidBox PantsEvery day jogger pants from KidBox

  • Splendid boys knit short ($24) – the shorts are navy blue color and also have a string at the waist. I think all little boys’ pants should have that!

KidBox Splendid boys knit shortCotton shorts with adjustable waist from KidBox

  • Kapital K boys pocket space patch top ($22) – this top was Michael’s favorite, all thanks to the rocket and planet with a star. He is gearing up to be a scientist or an artist, so this top really spoke to him.

KidBox-Kapital K boys pocket space patch topCotton top with space motifs for boys from KidBox

  • Lucky boys logo bear t-shirt ($14) – it’s a simple cotton shirt, but you do need quite a few of those for summer. It’ll go perfectly with knit shorts or new jogger pants.

Lucky Brand boys logo bear t-shirtLucky Brand shirt from KidBox

This box included good brands, natural materials, and much better design and style than the limited edition Star Wars box, so we decided to keep all of it and have KidBox donate some clothes for kids who need them. Thank you, KidBox!