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Intelius Services and Review

Intelius is a paid service for personal and background checks. It is well known and trusted for years by thousands of users. It has a few different plans for potential customers: people search report, people search plus single report, people and background check report, and monthly subscription.

Reports that customers receive are detailed and complete, they are flexible and meet individual needs, and monthly subscriptions offer more searches for those that might need them. One downside is that copies of reports are not downloadable for keeping.

Intelius is a very reputable company and has been around for a while, during which time it worked out a customer friendly system for obtaining best results. This is what you can expect from each type of report:

People Search

  • A person’s in question full last and first name and all other aliases ever used by that person, his or her age, and when he or she was born.
  • Current address, phone number, and all other previous addresses and phone number ever used.
  • Data available about relatives.

People search Plus

  • The same information as from People Search plan
  • Social media sites used and other accounts
  • Email addresses associated with that person
  • His or her education data and employment history

Background Check

  • The same info as in People Search Plus
  • Criminal records, arrests, and court cases
  • Marriage status, current and past
  • Judge rulings, all lawsuits, outstanding liens, and financial information

Unlike many similar businesses, the company offers unlimited searches with paid membership. You can also pay per report if just a few are needed. The pricing and the benefits elevate Intelius above its competitors. Reports received are mostly correct, complete, and easy to understand.

General info about people is correct and up to date in most Intelius reports. Names, addresses, phone numbers, age, and email addresses are usually correct. Some sections about more in depth data can come back sparsely populated, but a lot of that depends on states’ records and how well they are kept. Background checks by Intelius routinely reports businesses owned and assets possessed by people of interest. Monetary value is also often assigned to those assets, so customers get a whole picture.

Some other places of inconsistency with Intelius are marriages and addresses. It’s not uncommon to not receive marital status and get many wrong addresses alongside correct ones. It is often evident that the background check fails to find addresses that a person lives at for less than 6 months. Social media account is also hit or miss.


The pricing is simple and straight forward:

  • People search report - $3.95
  • People search plus - $6.95
  • Background check - $39.95
  • Monthly subscription - $19.95

Don’t forget that neither plan will let you download the report for saving, but they will remain in your Intelius account.

The search process with Intelius is very simple. You can specify details about a person of interest and Intelius will find him or her no matter how common the name is. Middle name and city can be added to generate more accurate results. Reverse searches are also possible. Criminal record search usually produces complete reports for background checks.

Something should always be kept in mind with any background check service – results are not always accurate, real time, complete, or even available. All the information comes from public records, but not all states have them in computers and periodically updated. There might be mistakes or some records can get associated with a wrong name. If information comes from non-governmental institutions, it can be wrong and unreliable.

Finally, Intelius and similar businesses are not FCRA compliant and should never be used for determining if a person is eligible for employment, insurance, credit, property renting or buying, and other important services.