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Does GNC accept manufacturer coupons?

Yes, GNC accepts them even if they won’t always be better than ongoing sales at the store. You should most definitely bring manufacturer coupons and save extra if you can.


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GNC Secret Savings for Students. How to Get Discounted Sports Tickets from GNC.

GNC best discounts

Most students are very good at finding the things that they like at prices that they also like in and around their universities. Everybody has a cheap favorite pizza joint and everybody knowns all the stores that offer student discounts, which are plenty. But in the case of Pittsburgh Duquesne University students - what about tickets to Penguins’ hockey games? Is there any way this can be affordable?

As it turns out, if there is a will, there is a way!

Pittsburgh Penguins play just a short walk from the Duquesne University, in PPG Paints Arena, are multiple Stanley Cup champions, and as such, are very entertaining. Naturally, students want to come see them play. Also naturally, they are known as people who don’t have too much money to be thrown around.

This is where GNC and their GNC Student Rush program come into play. The program offers an amazing opportunity for all enrolled college and high school students to attend Penguins games and play-offs for just a fraction of a regular price. This is first come, first serve deal, available on Ticketmaster. Students pay just over $30 per ticket with GNC Student Rush, making it possible for many budget conscious people.

GNC is the 12th founding partner to work with Pittsburgh Penguins and reap mutual promotional benefits. The program was established in 1990s and serves a few hundreds of students for every game with discounted tickets.

The program is very inclusive and easy to become a part of. The first step is to register at the Mobile Alert Club by texting RUSH to 32623.

There is a way to win two free tickets to any Penguin game, however not very likely. One day before each home game you will be texted directions for participating in a game for a chance to win. There are thousands of students besides you in the program, so we wouldn’t count on winning. But this is a very good way to become a Student Rush patron.

The most important thing is that at 10 am on the game day, discounted student tickets become available on and can be secured with a bit of luck and discipline. By discipline we mean being online and ready at exactly 10 am. By luck – rivalries, weekends, and play-off games might not have enough tickets allocated for discounted rate, so you would be very lucky to get one.

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The seats are hard to get, you just have to go with the flow and be happy with what you’ve got for the price most of the time. If the game is in the middle of the week and not against the Capitals, you have a higher chance for good seats. In other words, don’t wait for better seats for important games, or you might end up not getting anything at all while expecting miracles.

Once you buy a ticket, you can pick it up at the GNC Student Rush window in the Dick’s Sporting Goods box office inside the arena.

All that being said, our advice for incoming freshmen is to sign up for the program and give it a try. $30 prices for tickets are real and so are the opportunities for you to see them play live while you can. The best thing you can do for yourself is to not waste chances to attend a fun game while managing your money wisely with GNC Student Rush Program.

Such partnership benefits GNC by connecting them with tens of thousands of students in the area. Together with Pittsburgh Penguins, GNC establishes commitment to young people and gets them involved in sports one way or another.

GNC has long been an Official Vitamin and Sports Nutrition Retailer for Penguins, so it makes sense to strengthen that relationship even more with Student Rush component and promote wellness, health, and performance even further. GNC was founded in Pittsburgh area over 80 years ago and remains rooted in this community, supporting local groups and businesses.

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The games that get completely sold out still have a few hundred tickets reserved just for students through GNC Student Rush program, showing a strong commitment to young people by both GNC and Penguins. This strategy is in part responsible for building loyal fan base for over 20 years. Young people bring certain energy to the games that would be hard to replicate, especially when they live and attend school just minutes away. These fans will be there to stay with the team for years to come.

GNC Shopping Tricks. How to Get Best Discounts at GNC

GNC vitamins and supplements shopping

GNC has never been known as a bargain retailer, but has always been loved for a wide selection of vitamins, supplements, pet care products, beauty supplies, and much more. Shopping there without a plan can cost you a lot, but having a mission, collection of coupons, and knowledge about sales can mean that you are getting healthy products for less than you would be getting unhealthy versions of them at your local grocery store.

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Let’s take a look at some ways to save:

1.     Sign-up for a newsletter

When you sign up for this free newsletter, you get 15% off your next online order immediately. You will also get coupons and sales information sent right to your email or separate inbox if you have one dedicated to shopping.

2.     Join the club

GNC Rewards

If you join this free membership club, you can save with discounts and special Member Prices. Some special offers include savings as high as 20% on some products. Members can also take advantage of price matching if they bring proof of lower competitor’s price.

3.     Store Coupons

There are a couple of ways to get GNC coupons – you can find them on coupon aggregation sites or receive them in your email from GNC. Coupons combined with member pricing will definitely bring bigger savings.

GNC 50% OFF Discount

4.     Manufacture coupons

Most GNC stores will accept all manufacturer coupons on products in stock. Not all participate, so check with your local location.

gnc deals

5.     Groupon

This well-known coupon website offers deals for GNC quite often. You can find something like $20 off $40 GNC order, which is 50% off. If you do find a deal like that, grab it right away because they don’t last long.

6.     Clearance

GNC has clearance section online and in-store, so always start your shopping there. Most items get on clearance about 6 months before expiration and are marked 30% off. When expiration is 2-3 months away, the discount can be as high as 75%.

gnc health products on sale

7.     Social media

Become friends with GNC on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get the first look at offers and local sales. You can be lucky to spot a 50% off all sports nutrition products coupon or one-day-only flash sale, like 25% off entire online order with a special social media code. It’s definitely worth it!