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Bitsbox Roboboogie Edition

Bitsbox Roboboogie Edition Box

Roboboogie box is our second Bitsbox and I am still trying to figure out if I like it. First of all, I am not into technology at all, so anything that has to do with programming intimidates me. Second, my son is only now turning 8 and while he loves everything computer related, he needs his daddy’s help with programming, and daddy is always busy.

Bitsbox Roboboogie Edition Promo

My son and husband worked on Scratch program for a while, but when it got more complicated, it was abandoned. This is when I looked for a subscription service to bring some material that can be used for fun programming. Bitsbox seemed to be the best match for what I needed.

Bitsbox Roboboogie Box Deals

The first box was a bit bigger and included a binder for collection of cards and tutorials from all future boxes. The way the Bitsbox works is a child creates a profile on bitsbox.com/code and creates his own apps and mini apps with the help of materials that get sent every month. An adult is needed for that too, but unfortunately I am useless. And since dad is very busy at the moment, no real creation is taking place. But I can definitely see the potential and fun things that can be done.

Bitsbox Roboboogie Edition Deals

The box is monthly and costs about $20. Once the coding account is created, kids have access to virtual tablet, where they create their own content or follow the materials from Bitsbox. Apps run on bitsbox.com and work on all mobile devices and computers. The apps can be modified and tweaked after the creation and can be played by many players on various screens.

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The app is great for kids between 6 and 12 years of age, but my almost 8 year old still needs adult guidance. The projects vary in difficulty and length, so young programmers can choose something age appropriate.

Bitsbox Favorite Apps

I love how all the materials are on hard high quality paper and can be used for months and years to come when stored in the binder. There is something for everyone in Bitsbox. Smaller kids enjoy using stickers and gluing them where numbers on the cards match, and older ones have no problem creating apps for games, unlike somebody like me who knows absolutely nothing.

BitsBox Apps

This month’s theme is robots, so all the pages are robot related. First, there are cards for app creation. For example, Mars Needs Milk – you will find directions on the back how to create an app and then try a mini challenge and a super challenge. Some other apps are Bed Bug Bed Lam, Robodog Loves Robocat Special Delivery, Burnie the Artbot, Castle Defender, Draw with Droids, and Welcome to the Wormhole. Then there are two pages with tips and tricks for making stamps move and how to make them random size. Some of the stickers go on one provided page, but I am not sure what to do with the rest.

BitsBox Sticker Offer

Another bundle has 6 sets of favorite apps. Each one of them has stamps on the back. The first one is with animals, then robots, fairytale creatures, flying objects, insects, and marine animals. How to use them exactly remains to be seen by us.

Grownup Guide

What my son really enjoys are three tattoo stickers with robots and Bitsbox logo. There is also a small booklet called Grownup Guide, but it contains programming language, so I cast it aside right away. It talks about speed, variables, moving, rotating, and size.

BitsBox Cards for Mini Apps

The final item in the box is a stack of cards for mini apps – Money Math, Magic Hat, Lunar Surface, Doubler, and When Pigs Fly. There is code on the back of each card and it doesn’t look complicated.

According to Bitsbox, even teenagers and adults can learn programming with its help, so maybe it’s something I should consider. Otherwise I will wait patiently for my husband to find some time for programming with our young IT specialist.