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Best Father's Day Gifts 2019

Gifts for Dad

There are only so many ties and socks your dad needs, so this upcoming Father’s Day try something fresh and out of the ordinary. Take a look at our list of amazing and creative gifts to get an idea or two. We guarantee you won’t be bored and neither will your dad.

The Baconarium – $44 at

Imagine your dad’s face when he opens the door and finds three pounds of tasty slow cured bacon! And it happens every month!

Personalized Pez Dispenser – $75 on

This is perfect for every dad to travel back to his childhood and remember the joys of Pez, this time with custom made dispenser in your dad’s likeness. You are sure getting some laughs out of this one!

Beef Jerky Tie – $45 at

This is a whole lotta different tie that includes ten flavors, five kinds of meat, and one stylish package for every dad.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket – $40 at

Give the gift of beer and snacks that are paired perfectly and become your dad’s favorite child. Just kidding about the latter, but this stuff is good.

Best Dad Ever Stein – $11.48 at Pier 1

This stein will not only tell your dad how much you love him, but will enable him to get his refreshments in style.

Decade Candy Capsule – $40 at

This is one more gift that can transport your dad back to the childhood on the sweet wings of candy. Choose from the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s and give the gift of memories.

Father's Day Greeting Cards

BUILT Cooler – $135.55 at

This cooler is built tough and can hold up to 36 cans with extra space for ice and ice packs. The cooler is very convenient to carry to the beach, mountains, camping, fishing, boating, and everywhere else your dad loves going to. The outside pocket is waterproof and will hold keys and phone dry during every adventure.

DASH Omelette Maker – $24 at

This little tool will turn dad’s eggs making morning routine into a breezy cooking adventure, and who doesn’t like that?

BBQ Grill Set and Carry Case – $25 on

If you have a pit master in your family, celebrate him with this cute dad-marked set and have him remember you every time he flips that steak.

Papa Bear Mug – $20 on

It’s hard not to love this mug with some pun intended.

Perfect Gift for Dad

Golfer Gift Basket – $90 at

Bro or no bro in the name, but this basket is great for every dad who enjoys spending a day on the green. It includes golf balls, tees, ball markers, and various snacks.

Whiskey Wedge and Glass – $18 at

This glass not only makes the drink look cool, but also helps it stay less diluted for longer.

PersonalizationMall Gifts for Dad

Jerky Tool Box – $50 at

Your hard-working dad will be protected from hunger with this box and over a dozen beef jerky sticks.

Power Up Luggage Tag – $59 at

Not only will this tag mark your dad’s luggage, it will also keep his phone charged on those long trips.

Papa Shark Wine Glass – $13.51 on

This is for those moments when Baby Shark’s dad is thirsty and needs to forget those lyrics.

Wine Glasses

Customizable Cutting Board – $35 on

You can order a few shapes and have your dad’s name engraved on this ultimate keepsake.

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Outdoor Popcorn Popper – $17 at

Just put it on the grill and enjoy popcorn just about anywhere your dad can find some fire.

The Beer Pantry Book – $25 at

If you have a beer expert and craft brew lover, give him this book and watch him learn how to cook like a chef and pair beers with food.

Cooking Books for Dad on Sale

The Knife Set- $94 at

If your dad knows his way around the kitchen, he can use an upgrade to his knives. This set has knives that are marked for cheese, picnic, and bartenders, so there is one for every important occasion.

John Legend wine bottles – $50 at

First of all, yes, John Legend has a wine line. Second, the wines are from Napa and are truly extraordinary. All your dad needs to do is sit back, put on “All of You” and enjoy a perfect glass of vino.

Wooden Barrel Bottle Wine Rack – $196 on

This cool wine rack will add style to your dad’s home and will provide a fancy place for his wines.

Beer Cap Holder – $35 at Home Depot

It might be just a tad goofy, but what dad can refuse decorating it with unusual beer caps?

University of California silk tie – $50 at Nordstrom

This one is just in case you insist of giving him a tie. Let him have some fun with a tie of his alma mater and bring back the good times.

Silk Tie for Dad